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Announcing “How to Grow Your Business Online” in Eugene

We are pleased to announce that Tisha Oehmen will be speaking in Eugene on October 5 to the Women’s Business Network. The Women’s Business Network is an alliance of local business and professional women who foster mutual success in the areas of profitability, leadership, and personal and professional growth through investing in networking, education and mutual support. They are located in Eugene, Oregon and serve the Eugene-Springfield community. WBN is a non-profit organization.

Women's Business Network, Tisha Oehmen to Speak, Paradux Media GroupTisha will be talking with the group about, “How to Grow Your Business Online.”

  • Learn which tools, tactics and techniques really work
  • Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus — which do you need to be involved in NOW and why
  • Getting your business found online, websites, SEO, and directories.
  • What to do next -The biggest benefits of using online methods to generate leads, keep up with your industry, and monitor the online conversation about your business.

If you’re in the Eugene Area and are interested in the Women’s Business Network, plan to attend their meeting at the Hilton on the 12th floor in the Vistas Room at 11:45 a.m., October 5.



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