Asante Naming Conventions

Asante is the largest healthcare provider in nine counties, it provides comprehensive medical care to more than 580,000 people throughout southern Oregon and northern California. Their facilities include Rogue Valley Medical Center in Medford, Three Rivers Community Hospital in Grants Pass, and additional healthcare partnerships throughout the region.

The challenge Asante encountered was that running with three distinct names: Asante, Rogue Valley Medical Center, Three Rivers Community Hospital the community didn’t fully understand the power of the Asante system. They were confused about why one was referring to the other, and they didn’t understand the aggregated healthcare power that that Asante brought to bear. Paradux Media Group helped collect the academic and real-world marketing research that allowed them to make the decision to become one brand instead of multiple brands… to become Asante.

At the same time, there is considerable brand equity in the hospital names, although they are not reflective of the current scale of the facilities. Rogue Valley Medical Center is actually the Regional Referral Center in Southern Oregon. And Three Rivers Community Hospital has grown up to become a Medical Center. It made sense, more accurately name the facilities in conjunction with the naming convention change.

Leveraging all the research and brand equity, pairing it with Asante’s new logo, the two hospitals will now be known as Asante  Rogue Regional Medical Center and Asante Three Rivers Medical Center.


Review Asante’s press release about the new name here.

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