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Jay Reese Sports Blog Coaching

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Jay Reese is one of those great clients to have…still as excited about what he does today as he was when he started in the biz over 25 years ago.  After designing Jay’s website, we at Paradux Media Group, felt that blogging was going to be very critical for Jay’s future business success.

I’m glad to say that after consulting and some blog coaching Jay has taken the ball and really run down field with it.

The important reasons why Jay needed to blog:

  • It Builds Traffic.  For Jay, this site was brand new and was inheriting zero existing traffic.
  • It Increases your Credibility.  Jay’s was landing in a new market for him Bend Oregon.
  • It establishes you as An Expert.  Was easy to recognize Jay as an expert in Southern Oregon, not so much in Bend, but after reading a few blogs it would be easy to see that Jay was an expert with experience.
  •  It gives you a Voice.  It gave Jay a voice beyond the on-air persona.  You don’t always have the opportunity to go into detail and depth about how you feel about a game or subject, blogging has given him that opportunity and on more than a couple of occasions he’s taken advantage of it.

It just so happened that the timing for Jay to embrace blog coaching couldn’t have been better, as Jay who does the play by play for Mt View High School in Bend Oregon, was a witness as Mt. View won their first ever State Championship.

It’s all in the numbers, and blogging is no different.  Mt. View’s victory in the 5 A State Finals generated over 500 unique hits in one day, when a high school coach in Medford resigned in the middle of the season it led to over 1,000 unique hits in one day and over 2,000 hits in a 3 day period.  Not bad for someone blogging about Bend area high school sports…

Blogging is important for any business owner and if you feel that some blog coaching or consulting contact us.

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