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3 Simple Branding Strategies that Work

branding strategies

Let's face it -- branding and branding strategies are the holy grail of marketing. They are what all marketing and advertising professionals are striving for.  But altogether too often, branding strategies get over-thought, over-worked, and over-wrought. Don't let yourself fall into that mind trap.  Here are three simple branding strategies you can start using today that will improve your brand and leave you looking like a hero. Branding Strategies that Work Focus Internally - Even if your brand never meets the "light of day" in an ... Read More

Branding with Pens

Branding with Pens

Let's talk for a minute about branded pens. You know the pens I'm talking about...your favorite pen from a local business. The one that writes just right. The one that everyone you know either covets or has one of. Probably, it even makes an appearance at every single charitable event that you've ever attended. And, is the one on almost every single counter for customers to use when signing their credit card slips. The pens are literally everywhere - they are ubiquitous. And they subtly, steadily, and signature by signature, are growing your ... Read More

Brand Camp!

Brand Camp

We've spent a lot of time over the last few weeks conducting Brand Camps with a client that is getting ready to roll out a new brand. A Brand Camp is a diagonal cross-section of the staff with about 10-15 people in attendance. The Camps last about 1.5 hours, and in it, the company introduces what the new brand position will be.  Time is spent talking about what they should keep doing to reinforce the brand position. And brainstorming about what they should start and stop doing to make sure the brand position is authentic. All this before the ... Read More

Branding Your Business in 5 Steps

branding your business

Thinking about branding your business? Are you worried it will be too hard and too difficult? There's no reason it needs to be either difficult or hard. What are you waiting for? You can create a world-class brand in just 5 easy steps. 1. Create your branding vision The first thing to do is to decide what you want your branding to look and sound like. Usually this has to come out of a powerful truth about the organization, but be packaged in a small enough bite that it's easily identifiable and can be acted on and called to mind quickly and ... Read More

Super Bowl 2015 – The Year of Big Idea Marketing

Big Idea Marketing Super Bowl 2015

This probably won't surprise you -- but I watched the Super Bowl 2015 ONLY for the commercials. I don't particularly care who is playing - or how they play. But the commercials? I'm all in! What I loved about Super Bowl 2015 (and Super Bowls in general) is that it seems to be the one time of year when brands step out and take a stand. When they pitch their "Big Idea." When they really show us what they care about and how they believe they play a role in making the world a better place. In my perfect world, this level of clarity should the "big ... Read More

Creating Likeability in Your Brand

photo credit bixentro via Flickr

If I've said it once, I've said it at least 1,000 times -- people do business with brands they LIKE. And the truth is, it's more than just something I say, it's a fact. We seek out businesses we LIKE to do business with. Our first goal, when we take on a new client, is to figure out how to make their brand more likeable. This is one of the most critical elements to any successful advertising and (especially marketing) campaign. Without likeability, we've got nothing and neither does the client. The good news is, there are three easy steps ... Read More

6 Crucial Tactics for Small Business Success in 2015

photo credit: mkhmarketing via Flickr

Ready to make 2015 the best year for your business? No question, marketing your small business has fundamentally changed in the last  years. If you haven't changed your marketing tactics in relation to those changes, now is the time. Here are 6 crucial tactics that will help your small business succeed in 2015. 1. Social Media, You've got to be there. Here's the thing. Whether you like it or hate it, social media is probably where your audience is. Don't believe it? If you haven't seen the 2014 version of the Socialnomics video -- do yourself a ... Read More

Strategy is SO Important!

Photo credit: reynermedia via Flickr

Remember the lyric, "If you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there." from the George Harrison song "Any Road"? Well, it's especially true in business. But the cold-hard reality is that getting out of the day-to-day and into the strategy mode can be quite difficult. It takes discipline, and it takes dedication. Having a standing meeting at least once a quarter with a trusted advisor or experienced business coarch can help you to maintain your focus on the strategy, allowing you to steer the ship much with an eye for the ... Read More

Free Business Mentoring – Limited Time!

Lady Biz Giveaway Banner

Are you trying to make a difference in the world through your business? Do you wish you had an expert person in your corner to whisper advice in your ear? Do you wish you had that strategist to call on when you need some help? What if you could get “real deal” business-building advice from industry experts AND IT WAS ABSOLUTELY FREE? Whether you are just climbing off the corporate ladder or been at it for years, we could all use some extra help. I’ve got the perfect resource for you – it’s the “Lady Biz Success Secrets Giveaway.” This Giveaway ... Read More

Are You Ready to Breakthrough in 2015?

photo credit H.Adam via Flickr

What's your goal for 2015? To breakthrough to 5 Figures? 6 Figures? 7 Figures? or more? If you want to position your business for a big breakthrough in 2015, NOW is the time to get started! There's not a minute to lose! Do you know that a business with a solid brand can command a 9.45% PREMIUM * on all their products and services? Imagine making an extra 10% on every dollar you make in 2015? How close would that change ALONE put you to reaching your financial goals in 2015? The first step to being able to earn that 9.45% PREMIUM on your ... Read More