Creating Likeability in Your Brand

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If I've said it once, I've said it at least 1,000 times -- people do business with brands they LIKE. And the truth is, it's more than just something I say, it's a fact. We seek out businesses we LIKE to do business with. Our first goal, when we take on a new client, is to figure out how to make their brand more likeable. This is one of the most critical elements to any successful advertising and (especially marketing) campaign. Without likeability, we've got nothing and neither does the client. The good news is, there are three easy steps that you can do to make your business more likeable. … [Read more...]

6 Crucial Tactics for Small Business Success in 2015

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Ready to make 2015 the best year for your business? No question, marketing your small business has fundamentally changed in the last  years. If you haven't changed your marketing tactics in relation to those changes, now is the time. Here are 6 crucial tactics that will help your small business succeed in 2015. 1. Social Media, You've got to be there. Here's the thing. Whether you like it or hate it, social media is probably where your audience is. Don't believe it? If you haven't seen the 2014 version of the Socialnomics video -- do yourself a favor and spend less than 3 minutes watching … [Read more...]

Strategy is SO Important!

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Remember the lyric, "If you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there." from the George Harrison song "Any Road"? Well, it's especially true in business. But the cold-hard reality is that getting out of the day-to-day and into the strategy mode can be quite difficult. It takes discipline, and it takes dedication. Having a standing meeting at least once a quarter with a trusted advisor or experienced business coarch can help you to maintain your focus on the strategy, allowing you to steer the ship much with an eye for the entire journey, not just the next day or week. If you … [Read more...]

Free Business Mentoring – Limited Time!

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Are you trying to make a difference in the world through your business? Do you wish you had an expert person in your corner to whisper advice in your ear? Do you wish you had that strategist to call on when you need some help? What if you could get “real deal” business-building advice from industry experts AND IT WAS ABSOLUTELY FREE? Whether you are just climbing off the corporate ladder or been at it for years, we could all use some extra help. I’ve got the perfect resource for you – it’s the “Lady Biz Success Secrets Giveaway.” This Giveaway is dedicated to providing female entrepreneurs … [Read more...]

Are You Ready to Breakthrough in 2015?

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What's your goal for 2015? To breakthrough to 5 Figures? 6 Figures? 7 Figures? or more? If you want to position your business for a big breakthrough in 2015, NOW is the time to get started! There's not a minute to lose! Do you know that a business with a solid brand can command a 9.45% PREMIUM * on all their products and services? Imagine making an extra 10% on every dollar you make in 2015? How close would that change ALONE put you to reaching your financial goals in 2015? The first step to being able to earn that 9.45% PREMIUM on your products and services in 2015 is to intentionally … [Read more...]

Considerations When Re-Naming Your Business

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet

Name changes always such a hard thing to manage. There are the external considerations to weigh - customers/clients perceptions, the community's perception, and what your competition is doing. And there are internal considerations to weigh - what message will the name of the business send internally, and how it affects the staff? The piece that you have to START with though, before you choose to rename a business is to check in with your motivations for WHY you want to rename the business. Was there a significant change that recently took place? Merger, Spinoff, Layoff, or Bankruptcy? Do you … [Read more...]

This is then #1 reason you aren’t serving enough clients!


Let's talk for a minute about leads. We all get them, but it's what we do with them that matters. How well are we following up on them? How well are we creating a relationship with them? The reality is that the first time a lead come into our orbit, they may not have the confidence in us to buy immediately. They need to feel like there is a relationship in place first. What that means is that you have to create and maintain a relationship with your leads from your first contact with them. Over time, that relationship will result in your first sale (YAY!). Your Sales Funnel doesn't stop there … [Read more...]

Let’s talk Vision and Mission for a Moment

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"If you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there." is a lyric in George Harrison's song, "Any Road". While this certainly true in many aspects of our lives, nowhere is it more true than in business. This is why, having a compellingly written Vision and Mission Statement is so critical. They help you to know where you're going, and when you know where you're going, you know which road will get you there. The Vision Statement should be a clear and concise statement that points you to a desirable future state -- one that may never actually be attained. But the likelihood of it … [Read more...]

Choosing Your Target Audience

Choosing Your Target Audience   Paradux Media Group

If you missed my presentation on the 5 Days to Kickstart Your Consultancy Business, I've made it available for you here below. Enjoy! Get your free gifts by clicking here! Video Transcript: Hi there. I understand you're thinking about or have just started a consultancy business. How exciting for you, this is the exact right moment for you to be taking part in something like this telesummit that you're actually participating in, because you're going to get so many fantastic ideas and quick tips and implementable ideas that will really move you forward and launch your business in a very … [Read more...]

Social Media Privacy and Advertising

Social Media Privacy and Advertising

  Video Transcript Hi there.  How are you today? Hey, I wanted to take just a few minutes today to talk a little bit about a question I get asked a lot and that is, "How does social media privacy interact with advertising and where's the line and what are my options?"  I thought it would be a really great blog post today, so I thought we would go ahead and take care of it. Before I get into that, let me tell you a little bit about what the goals are for today.  Hopefully by the end of this talk, you'll understand exactly what the advertising implications are in online marketing in … [Read more...]