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Brands are defenseless. We wipe our feet on them, we throw them in the trash, and we don’t have the patience to let them grow to be all they can be. That leads to us cheating on them and setting our businesses up for failure. Successful businesses know that brands need protection, love, and understanding. For smart businesses that want to succeed, it’s about Finding Brand.

A good brand can help catapult a business to success. But a great brand, well executed, is more than just marketing. A great brand will incorporate every element of a company’s belief system into a tangible concept. Your brand should start with your company’s mission and vision, be rooted in your company’s values, be steeped in your company’s culture, and finally be evident in all internal and external language and visual elements.

Putting in the time, energy, and effort to genetically encode a brand in a business is considerable — it’s not easy, and it’s not for the faint of heart. But just as genetic encoding can deliver a migrating bird to the same pond year after year after traveling hundreds of miles, so too can consistent positioning deliver customers day after day, month after month, and year after year. That’s the power of an effective brand.

Developing the brand is hard work to be sure. But it’s not impossible, and it’s not only for those with massive budgets and or a huge staff. All businesses are improved by having a brand. And with a little time and effort, anyone can create an amazing brand.

In Finding Brand, Tisha Oehmen teaches you how to explore and craft your brand, share it with key stakeholders, and to use it to protect your brand. Finding Brand will help you explore your brand and ensure that it doesn’t get cheated on and that your business succeeds.

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The Scarecrow – Chipotle’s Brilliant Branding Commercial

I talk a lot about telling your story and letting your audience both get to know you, and to affiliate with your business, based on their resonance with that story. But rarely do we get to see the story so clearly and compelling told as Chipotle just did with their The Scarecrow video! If you haven’t seen … Read More.


Tisha Oehmen’s Interview with Bill Meyer about Finding Brand

I had a great opportunity to sit down with Bill Meyer this morning,  on his Radio Show that airs on KMED 1440, to talk about my new book, Finding Brand: The Brand Book Tutorial. We had a great talk about:

The differences between advertising and branding.
Why branding matters to businesses of all sizes – from solo-preneurs to … Read More.

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Upper Rogue Independent: Local Author Writes ‘Finding Brand’

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150th Finding Brand Post and a Big Announcement!

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Sugary-Sweet or Saccharine? Sugarpova and Vanilla Air

Two interesting pieces of sugary branding news out today –

Maria Sharapova is apparently considering legally changing her name to be Maria Sugarpova for the duration of the U.S. Open to bring attention to her candy line, Sugarpova. (The Guardian)
AirAsia Japan is changing their name to Vanilla Air. (Economic Times)

Sharapova’s Sugarpova is a PR Stunt

Sugarpova…Sharapova (Photo … Read More.