Blue Sky Marketing (NOT!)

Sky Texture
photo credit: chefranden

Remember when our marketing lives were easy? Unlimited budgets, no concerns about the economy, fabulous television ads… those days have been gone now for awhile, and I think that as marketers, we’ve gotten better, smarter, and more responsive. We’ve had to think carefully about every dollar we spend, we’ve had to project and hit ROI numbers, and we’ve had justify our existence to the CFO.

Certainly our technology has helped, social media marketing has taken off in this economy – it hardly existed before. But perhaps because of the economy, perhaps it was heading there anyway, we’ve seen an unprecedented swing to spending time marketing – rather than spending money. And the good news is, for most companies it is paying off.

We’ve worked harder to develop guerrilla marketing campaigns, and we’re seeing the results. We’ve partnered with other companies to do something together that we couldn’t do on our own, and some amazing things have happened. In many respects these efforts have brought the community much much closer together, and brought business owners closer together. The world of business competition isn’t as divisive as we once thought it was. Different categories can (and are) playing together and reaping increasing everyone’s business.

So no, we aren’t marketing in blue sky right now, but the storm clouds have made us better, stronger, more efficient, and smarter. I wonder if we can remember these lessons when the skies turn blue once again…

I’m curious, what are you doing differently now than before? Share your tips and tricks here in the comments section.

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