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Brenner’s Furniture Mattress Queen TV Commercials

Marketing is about telling a story, about creating a campaign.  Advertising is about making it all about price.  As we turn the calendar on the past year and look at the coming new year it’s always a good time for a business to think about what story they would like to tell, and that begins with the narrator.

Brenner’s was looking for a new narrator for their TV spots.  We brainstormed over the possibilities, directions and paths that we could take.  We settled on Mandy as the new face of the TV commercials.  Mandy not only has extensive experience with TV commercials, she also has been a customer of Brenner’s and has seen first-hand the commitment Brenner’s has to the community and their customer.

We’re beginning with a Tempurpedic and Simmons spot and will progress from there.  When you watch the spots, I think you will see that Mandy does an excellent job we couldn’t be happier at this point with our decision.  We’re looking forward to moving into the living room and dining room with this story.

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