Brenner’s Furniture WordPress Website Re-Design

WordPress Website Versatility:

We keep preaching the benefits of a WordPress website and it’s many benefits, and here is an example of another WordPress Website benefit.

Over the course of a year many things can change, including our minds and what we’d like to focus on.  When Brenner’s Furniture did their first web re-design with us the focus was not so much on showing the inventory, as it was highlighting a few particular items.  After all their inventory changes quickly and it was very important to Brenner’s that what was on the website was in the store.

A year later and after seeing the ease of updating and changing offers and inventory having a website that could now reflect that fact that they have the largest inventory in Lane County was their focus.  Enter the versititlty  of the WordPress Website.

WordPress Website Transition:

The decision a year earlier to go with a WordPress website made the transition easy. It was about choosing a theme layout that was more suited to what David wanted and the rest would fall into place.  David really liked a manufactures website because of the amount of inventory that could be displayed and how it was displayed.  That was all we needed. The rest just fell into place…


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