What We Do

Paradux Media Group is a full service creative agency, specializing in delivering a message that will help differentiate your company from the crowd. Here are just a few of our capabilities:


Duck-DucklingAdvertising (done right) is more than just an ad. It is just one element in an overall marketing strategy. Just one element in the big-picture campaign. Just one touch point in a coordinated effort to bring new customers into your business.

Sometimes advertising looks like a radio commercial for a Papa John’s Franchise. Sometimes it looks like newspaper ad for the Eagle Point & the Upper Rogue Chamber of Commerce. And sometimes it is a direct mail postcard for Real Estate Agent, Pete Belcastro. It’s alway delivered with a consistent look and feel. It’s always just one element in a large campaign. And you can bet, we’ve made sure that every single ad conforms to the business’s brand requirements–it’s just part of being a client at Paradux Media Group.


Duck-in a rowBranding is about creating instant recognition in the consumer’s mind.  It can be something as simple as a voice, a graphic, or a phrase.  When we intentionally engage in the act of branding, we setup a consistent look and feel for the business.

At Paradux, whether we’re creating a brand for the first time, or shepherding an existing brand into its new future, we’re dedicated to making sure that EVERY element of the external (and internal) marketing efforts is in alignment with a business’s overall brand. We’ve even got best-selling brand-building author, Tisha Oehmen, leading our team to make sure the brand is built consistently and correctly, externally and internally.

For Asante, this dedication to branding became a new logo and brand position. For Lovejoy Hospice, we brought their brand to life with everything from a new logo to print ads — with stops off at brochures, letterhead, and flyers in between. At American Energy, branding looks like POS signage and radio advertisements. It doesn’t matter what it looks like, as long as it is IN BRAND.


Duck-solitary flierGood design doesn’t just look nice — it has to be the visual representation of brand. When design is done right, everything about the way a business approaches their customers and community is embodied in the work.

For BagnBaggage Productions, we created a website that captures the majesty and humor of their productions. For the City of Eagle Point, it is a brochure that draws visitors and new residents to the community. For Barrett Business Services, Portland and Medford, it’s a set of printed collateral that shares the corporate brand, in a locally resonate way. And for countless clients, it’s a one-of-a-kind logo, ad, or brochure that share their story and evokes interest from their customers and potential customers.


Duck-keyboardDigital is an important weapon in a business’s arsenal. Whether it’s a WordPress website,  online (PPC) ad, strategies for growing your email list, or directory listing and SEO, digital is a significant channel for winning customers and potential customers in today’s world.

For Evolutionaries Book, this passion for integrated digital became a WordPress website design and management. At The Right Plan, it became strategies to grow an email list and optimize the website for SEO.

Media Planning & Buying

Duck-ViewThere are many philosophies when it comes to buying media.  Some buy points. Some buy station-houses. And some buy whatever most recently crossed their desk. But at Paradux, we believe good media buys happen when we put the ‘who’ ahead of the ‘how many’. We think that it is not about buying points, it is about buying people. That is why buying programs (television), Formats (radio), and sections (print) are important, then crafting the message to fit that targeted audience. When you know your target audience and make sure that your message is correctly placed to intercept them, in a way that is appropriate, and that speaks to them, you’ll win every time. We’re fortunate to have Mike Frey heading up our media planning and buying at Paradux, to make sure we’re always focused on the ‘who‘.

Focusing on the ‘who‘ for My Circle K, resulted in a multi-media, multi-year campaign that includes in-store signage/POS, radio, video, and social media. At Brenner’s Furniture, we focus on the ‘who‘ with multi-platform campaigns that include newspaper, direct mail, radio, television, and digital that continually brings new business in the door.

Social Media

Duck-QuackingIn today’s world, social media is so much more than just old high school friends and what someone ate for lunch. It is a powerful communication system that more and more people are relying on each and every day.  We know that for businesses, it’s never been more important to harness the power of social media. And with the unique approach we use at Paradux Media Group, even the smallest companies are able to have their voice heard by great big organizations, giving you a shot at business contracts you never thought possible. We use a combination of earned media and paid media across all social media channels to maximize the results for our clients.

We’ve used social media to promote book sales for Kellie Hill Nutrition. And at Colvin Oil, social media became the basis for wildly successful Jetaway Get Away campaign that increased their reputation, sold product, and engaged their fan base. Always within brand, and never with silly pictures of cats or commentary on lunch. Afterall, being a business on social media is still about being a business first, we get it.

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