What Makes a Good Website Design?

7973108_sDon’t just ask us. Ask Google, the search engine 66% of Americans prefer. They say a good website has to be impressively easy to use and attract traffic to the page.

That’s it, right? Wrong.

Remember you’re competing with hundreds of other websites. There is a strict methodology (commonly referred to as Google algorithms) associated with how a website should be designed in order to encourage your users to visit several pages and stay on your site for a few minutes.

Further, your site has to encourage something called inbound links. These are generated when someone else posts a link to your website in a blog or on social media. Bringing us right back to the importance of the Paradux Media’s big-picture thinking when it comes to your marketing plan.

How Do I Get Started With Paradux Media Group?

You’ll love working with our expert staff. We make it easy for you to understand the functionality behind your website, with hands-on custom lessons targeted towards you and your support team.

From building an ecommerce store to creating a simple stream-lined design, we work diligently to give you a balance between a site you’ll love and a site that works.

Our recommendations are focused on WordPress, a platform that is easy to use and phenomenally compatible with Google’s SEO algorithms.  Then, we’ll advise you on getting the most out of your website (check out our services page) so your online image continues to grow with your brand.