Cindy Priestley Real Estate Website Update

Never say never.  Over the years we have consulted a lot of professionals in the Real Estate industry.  Not only have we consulted with them one-on-one but we have also taught Social Media classes to this industry.  One of the most important things when setting up your online presence is to, “never say never.”

You may be perfectly happy today working for the real estate company that you’re with today, but we never know about tomorrow.  The most important thing for any real estate agent to do regarding their website and social media is to have ownership of it.  It is you, so have it be you.  While you’ll include your company’s name and logo prominently throughout your website and social media there is no reason to have it in your URL or the name of your Facebook page.

Cindy Priestley who we work closely with, decided to change real estate companies recently to John L Scott Medford. We originally wrote Cindy’s website on WordPress architecture, which allows her to easily make changes to the content of the site. Changing things like headers and integration with her company is little more difficult, and when it came time to make these more significant changes, we were happy to help. The good news was that because we had taken care to ensure that the company Cindy was with was not listed on the difficult-to-change items (website address for instance), updating her website was an easy thing to accomplish.  Below, you will see the results of the update to Cindy’s website.

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