Dave Hoppe Business Card Design


Business card design should be about more than just putting the relevant contact information together on a card. While it’s true that business cards represent the standard method for providing your contact information to friends, acquaintances, supporters and donors, business card design can — and should be about a lot more than that. A Candidate’s Business… Read More

Dave Hoppe for DA – Priorities Radio Commercial


Creating a consistent message between radio and television is critical for any brand or political candidate. This radio spot is very reflective of the  television ad we created for Dave Hoppe. It focuses on his priorities – keeping our community safe.

Dave Hoppe for DA – Multimedia Billboard at Biddle & McAndrews


In politics, just like in business, you can have a competitor that is going to out spend you 10 to1.  When that is case you can’t just bury your head, you have to put a little more work into it and think about maximum exposure ideas. It one reason why you see so many businesses… Read More

Dave Hoppe for District Attorney Television Commercial – My Priorities


Television advertisements are the backbone for many political campaigns, and can also be a very integral part of a brand campaign. Deputy District Attorney Dave Hoppe is running for DA in Jackson County.  Dave has the experience and the qualifications inside and outside the courtroom that make him a very strong candidate, and in our… Read More

Dave Hoppe for DA – Kristin Prince Testimonial Radio Commercial


Being a Prosecutor isn’t an easy job. But when you’re a victim, having a hero makes it getting through the tough stuff easier. Kristin Prince was just such a victim and she found her “hero” in Dave Hoppe. Her story is moving and her conviction compelling. Who better to share why Dave Hoppe should be… Read More

New Facebook Cover Photos for Pages


Facebook dominated a lot of the talk this month with the expected roll out of the new Timeline for Business Pages.  While we like the potential of the milestones, the real estate available with the new cover photo is an impressive marketing opportunity. The approach we took with the Facebook cover photos is no different… Read More

Dave Hoppe Political Campaign Signage


Tis the season, the political season.  A political campaign can bury your design team, and March was no different for us.  Working a handful of campaigns has put our cs 5, illustrator and photoshop on over drive, with plenty of uhgs and “have to reboot.” With just a simple political campaign you’re dealing with yard… Read More