We are honored to work with a diverse set of clients, all with different needs. For some we do branding work, for most we do promotional advertisements, for others we manage their social media marketing, and for some we function as their strategic marketing consultant. Below, you’ll find examples of our work for our clients.

Check out our client list and see how we’ve helped others build brands, sell products, and manage their online presence.

People's Bank Counter Cards copy

Custom Counter Cards – Graphic Design – Medford

For financial institutions or other high traffic loyal customer businesses counter cards can be a very effective promotional tool.  Here is an example of a counter card for a financial institution. In this example there you’ll see a series of four cards, all done with a specific promotion on each card.
The series is branded with … Read More.

Butte Creek Mill

Custom Designed Print Ad – Graphic Design – Butte Creek Mill

For years newspaper publications have designed specialty spin-offs to hit a specific audience and to generate more revenue. With this particular publication is going to be hitting the visitors to the area of Butte Creek Mill.
With many profit centers or messages the Butte Creek Mill can use, with the visitors we try to tap into … Read More.


Graphic Design – Print Ad – Upper Rogue Chamber Vintage Faire

The Vintage  Faire is an event put on by The Eagle Point Upper Rogue Chamber. The 7th annual is right around the corner and just to wet the whistle a bit and secure those last minute vendors and artists we wanted to create an ad for the Upper Rogue Independent.

Jeep Lid

Jeep Lid Facebook Page

Jeep Lid is about to hit the market place. As they are getting closer to accepting pre-orders it was time to get the Brand wet in Facebook, with a twitter profile to follow.
The Jeep Lid is an awesome product that give you protection from the UV rays (and rain!). Made of lightweight, durable polycarbonate, Jeep LID … Read More.

KH book signing

Book Signing – The Right Plan Medford Co-op

Kellie Hill from the Right Plan appeared for a book signing at the Medford Co-op this past month. As part of the PR for the signing, ads’ press releases, facebook ads, radio appearance were all done to help insure the success of the signing.

rps referral program

Customer Referral Program – Custom Designed – Medford

It’s true…The best advertising is word of mouth! Referral programs can not only help create word of mouth, but they also create loyalty amongst your current customer base.  What a well prepared and planned referral program can do:

Structured referral programs that provide guidelines and examples can make it easy for clients to recommend you.
A referral … Read More.


Custom Designed Print Ads – Bear Creek

One of the struggles that businesses have with print, is keeping the consistency through changing of ad sizes. Vertical to horizontal, every publication requires a different ad size.
Here is an example of going from a horizontal square ad to a vertical ad while keeping the look, feel and message the same.


Residential Community – Graphic Design – Brochure Design

When we were approached to design a new brochure for a residential community in Crescent City, California, designs for a fresh look were immediately set in motion. Located where the National Redwood Forest meets the rugged coastline, the brochure needed to reflect the mood and spirit of adventure of the area.
Swirls of deep blues and … Read More.