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How a Creative Ad Agency Can Save You Time and Money

I don’t think that there is anyone in business today that isn’t interested in saving both time and money. Yet many small business and mid-sized businesses miss one of the single best methods for saving time and money when they fail to work with a creative ad agency. There are lots of reasons that go into this, but the they boil down to the following…

Top 3 Reasons to Hire a Creative Ad Agency

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  1. The Creative Ad Agency Knows Their Craft. Let’s face it. You probably wouldn’t choose to perform major surgery on yourself — even if you could. You want a surgeon that has additional knowledge and skills beyond that which you possess (unless you, yourself are a surgeon.) The same is true for a creative ad agency. They have additional knowledge and skills about the most effective and efficient ways to present your business to the world. While a lot of it can be as mysterious as the inner workings of our bodies the reality is that a creative ad agency can, and will, bring expert advice to the table to help you achieve your goals. The creative ad agency knows how to best to display your business, where the most effective advertising opportunities are for your business, how to position your business for maximum effectiveness, and how to reap economies of scale.
  2. A Creative Ad Agency Will Save You Time and Money. A creative ad agency will help you to make smart choices on the very best combination of services to meet your marketing needs. Operating within your marketing budget, the creative ad agency will help you set a strategy, leverage your visibility, and help to ensure that everything you do is advancing your whole image and making the most out of every dollar you spend and minute you invest. Creative ad agencies know where the best printing deals are, what radio ads on a given station should cost, how to maximize online advertising dollars, and what visibility/seo options are worth pursing – and which are not. Let’s face it, you know where to find the highest quality and lowest price for the products you sell and the services you provide on a regular basis — so does a creative ad agency.
  3. A Creative Ad Agency Can Provide Strategic Help and Guidance. When you need someone to help you get up above the chaos of the day to day, your creative ad agency can help. In most cases, a creative ad agency works with a variety of industries and can offer ideas and feedback on what is currently working for other businesses. They also tend not to get sucked into the day to day work that often consumes small and mid-sized business owners. They also are used to functioning on a quarterly and annual schedule instead of hour to hour. All of these things make them the ideal strategic partner for your business to think strategically about where you are going and why.

A Common Misconception About Working with a Creative Ad Agency

One common misconception about working with a creative ad agency is that they are very expensive and/or only for those with large discretionary marketing budgets. This is usually untrue. While some agencies do have minimum spending thresholds for clients, not all do. And regardless of the amount you spend on a monthly basis, your advertising can be improved by working with an agency. Usually,  a creative ad agency will place media buys for the standard 15% discounted offered by the media themselves. Functionally, this means you don’t have to pay anything “extra” for that expertise.

If you are interested in finding out how to take the next step to work with a creative ad agency, please schedule a free consultation with me. There’s no obligation, just a frank discussion of your business needs and the most efficient way to get there.

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    I agree, why waste precious time on something you are not an expert on when you can focus your time dealing with other issues in your business while your creative needs are being processed! Great post!

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