Dave Hoppe Business Card Design

business card designBusiness card design should be about more than just putting the relevant contact information together on a card. While it’s true that business cards represent the standard method for providing your contact information to friends,¬†acquaintances, supporters and donors, business card design can — and should be about a lot more than that.

A Candidate’s Business Card Design

As a candidate running for office, Dave Hoppe needed business cards. There are two schools of thought around what the business card design could look like. It could be just the basics – address, website, name, or the business card design could be about his position as a candidate and be an integral component in in his overall position. Obviously, we opted for the latter. The business card design we created Dave Hoppe leans heavily upon his logo. As the candidate who is promising to move the District Attorney’s office into the new century from a technology standpoint, we felt it was important to make is business card design reflect that same forward-thinking ideology. As a result, Dave Hoppe’s business card design includes both his Facebook page as well as a QR Code.

Business Card Design Using QR Codes

Using QR Codes in business card design is not for every business, but for a business (or candidate) who is interested in appearing forward thinking — the QR Code can be tangible evidence. In Dave Hoppe’s case, the QR Code leads directly to his website, which is the hub for campaign.

In business card design, it’s really all about finding a way to represent the business or candidate in a rectangle, 2 inches x 3.5 inches wide. If you can do that, business cards become a significant asset to the overall brand position.

business card design

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