Dave Hoppe Political Campaign Signage

Tis the season, the political season.  A political campaign can bury your design team, and March was no different for us.  Working a handful of campaigns has put our cs 5, illustrator and photoshop on over drive, with plenty of uhgs and “have to reboot.”

With just a simple political campaign you’re dealing with yard signs, 3 x 10′ banners, 4′ x 6′ signs, door knockers, letter head, business cards, get involved cards some two color some four color and all being far from one size fits all.  Then we throw on top of that, the logo, website, social media, print ads, radio ads and tv ads and all of a sudden you have a very full plate with that alone!

So many political signs and logo’s are very boring, very inside the box cookie cutter approach.  With Dave Hoppe who is running for Jackson County District Attorney I think we were all able to think a little outside the box when it came to logo and signage.  With Dave wanting to bring the office into the high tech age we feel it is important to step outside the cookie cutter box his oppoentents have put themselves in.

3 x 10
18 x 24" lawn sign
32 x 48" sign

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