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E-Mail: Campaign The Butcher Shop

Today’s retail economy has forced business to treat their marketing smartly and efficiently. It’s about bringing several small platforms together and have them work together.  E-mail campaigns are no different and Tisha has written blogs about e-mail campaigns.

With the Butcher Shop we are utilizing e-mail a touch more often than we do with other clients, but with ‘fresh’ and ‘perishable’ items coming in everyday, the immediacy that e-mail can have plays a more important role than say bottles of wine.

Fresh fish Friday, live Maine lobster, live Dungeness crab, special holiday orders have all played a part of the semi-monthly e-mail blasts.  With the mind so occupied with special holiday orders and food, the traditional meat packs have suffered from lack of love, so the e-mail blast to kick-off the upcoming year will include a $5 off coupon to help promote the sales of their number one product the meat packs.

With 4 meat pack specials to choose from this should be a winner.

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