Eagle Point Upper Rogue Invitation Mailer

In marketing, as in life, the hardest thing to do is tread water.  It’s much easier to swim or drown.  Groups and organizations are no different.  One of the major goals of the Eagle Point Upper Rogue Chamber of Commerce is, despite the decline in businesses, to be pro-active in recruiting new businesses to be a part of the EPUR Chamber.

Step one is in inviting Brookings Chamber President and CEO Les Cohen to be a guest speaker at the February 6th Chamber meeting.  With over 20 years with the Brooking Chamber Les has very valuable experience when it comes to attracting tourism to your area and with all the traffic on Hwy 62 traveling to Crater Lake a lot of what he has to say could resonate with local business owners.

To attract those member who don’t normally attend, and those business owners who aren’t members a mailer was designed to be sent to members and non-members a like.  The goal, to attract new members, and get current members more involved.

Free always seems to work, I mean how many of us are going to pass up a free lunch?  We obviously feel that way as well as you can see if learning from one of Oregon’s premier Chamber Presidents wasn’t enough for a business owner that free prizes and lunch would tip you over the edge..

Direct mail can be as expensive or as affordable as you’d like.   Obviously to be more budget conscious you’re going to have to give up color, gloss etc., but when you can target a specific demo list it can be an efficient to target your marketing dollars.

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