Facebook Promote Button Worth The $5?

What Is The Facebook Promote Button:

If your Facebook Business page has over 400 ‘likes’ you may have noticed the Facebook Promote button that is available on each post.

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The promote button does come with a cost, and it makes ones wonder if Facebook will tweak the algarhtym to show less people being reached and for a mere 5 bucks we can reach 800 more of your ‘likes’ J.

Promoting a post is as easy as clicking a button.  Go to publish an update to your Facebook Page like you always would. Once you click in the text field, the “Promote” drop-down button will appear below the field. If you click it, you’re given the option to select how much you want to spend on what is essentially an ad buy.

What happened When Promote Button Was Used:

We’ve spent the last week testing the Facebook Promote Button with a variety of our clients in different parts of the country.  How it essentially works is the post will magically reappear in your ‘likes’ newsfeed every 24 hours for 3 days.  For some they picked up a lot of post ‘likes’ and ‘comments’ through the process, some just a few.  The more it seemed to be an offer or event the more the ‘likes’ comments increased.

A couple clients who had 7 ‘likes’ for the first go round ended up with over 50 ‘likes’ once the 3 days had passed.  All the clients had huge increases in “Facebook Reach” from the post.  A business with just over 800 ‘likes’ made a post that Facebook said reached 153 people, we added $5 with the ‘Facebook promote’ and three days later Facebook said they had reached 80% of their audience, and added four times as many ‘likes’.   I’ve never really bought into Facebook’s algorithm or insights too much, I take most with a grain of salt, but obviously the more times a post gets recycled through the newsfeed the greater the reach.

Facebook Promote Button/Offer:

In the coming weeks we’ll be combining the new ‘Facebook Promote’ with the new ‘Facebook Offer’.  It only makes sense that if you’re using Facebook’s offer coupon that you’d want as many people to be exposed to it as possible.    If you have less the 5,000 likes I haven’t seen any benefit to spending more than $5 with the promote button.

So give it a try and see what happens.  Worse case you’re out a little time and 5 bucks Facebook promote button.  Best case you get your offer and name out in front of so many more people.  And remember that a like is important as that is what begins the viralness of a post.  When I like a post my friends see the I ‘like’ a post.

Any questions regarding Facebook or Social Media, we’d love to hear from you.


Facebook Promote Button


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