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Don’t look now! Facebook Timeline For Business Pages:

It appears the new facebook timeline for business pages is finally be arriving.  Word has it, and it makes sense, that the announcement will come at the Facebook Marketing Conference event, parts of which will be live-streamed, being held in New York February 29, that features a keynote by Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg, Vice President of Product Chris Cox, and VP of Advertising and Global Operations David Fischer.

What does this mean? I think the new facebook timeline for business pages will open up new and exciting opportunities for small business owners.

How Small Business Owners Can Take Advantage Of Facebook Timeline For Business Pages:

facebook timelineCover Photo:   Space on Facebook is a bit like space on the Vegas Strip it’s very valuable and sold by the sq. inch.  So with Facebook giving you 840 x 310 pixels, free advertising space, it allows brands to completely customize the top of their page.  This will certainly separate businesses that are truly vested in Facebook and those that are just using it because it’s FREE.

Much More Than Just a Like:    It’s rumored that as part of the new Timeline, Facebook is also giving users more options for how they interact with brands. Instead of being limited to just ‘liking’ something something, people will have the opportunity to  “love,” “want” or “own” a product.  Are you thinking of the possibilities now…

The Facebook Timeline Business Page Story:   We’ve seen where individuals can tell a story with their timeline, think of the possible stories that can be told by a ‘local’ business on the facebook timeline business page.  The ability to intertwine pictures and stories with that of their community.  To have people post older pictures to help fill in the timeline.  We have some small local business retail clients that have some have been in business for 75 years and one for over  a 100 years and are really looking forward to the possibilities that the Facebook timeline is going to allow on their business pages.

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words:   I’m sure you have but if not take a look at your wall and you will see that when a picture is posted by a person it’s much larger than when a picture is posted by a business page.  This will now be even and when pictures are the most interacted posts of Facebook this matters.


Facebook no longer makes drastic changes that everyone must adhere to right away.  The Facebook timeline business page, like the personal timeline pages, will be a slow roll out where those that want to play early and have the resources to take advantage of the timeline will and the rest will be moved over with the mandatory roll-out that will more than likely take place 90 days after the announcement.

Either way this will further reward those that make Facebook a priority.


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  1. says

    I’m all atwitter {oops, wrong platform}! I’m really excited about this. Looks like it’s time to get the shop’s story in order.

    Thank you for the advance notice.

  2. says

    Wow, this was really helpful Mike! I knew about the new brand pages, but the news of being able to specify if you ‘like’, ‘love’, or ‘own’ a brand is very interesting. Can’t wait to see these roll out :) Thanks for the head’s up!

    • says

      Thank you Amy! The ‘options’ of what a person can click on the feel about a company or product allows for some great creative…A company like yours, you can have some fun with all the products… I feel like it’s getting close the Christmas :)

  3. says

    Great post Mike! This change represents tremendous opportunity for Brand pages. There’s a real opportunity for creativity, and brand distinction with the new timeline — I can’t wait to see how it plays out.

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    I am glad I have read this post , to be honest, for me before I am annoyed using the new platform in our face-book account.the timeline, but as I have read this, it proves that using this new platform has its own benefit specially for online businesses. in where we can find the history of the company we are exposing to other readers,so that they would now that greatest achievements of our online company.

  5. says

    Thanks Mike for sharing this news! I’m playing with Facebook Timeline for my personal page but not aware of the feature for business pages. I’m sure it will be beneficial for online businesses.

  6. mahipal says

    Timeline feature from Facebook is very cool
    as we all liked it on our profiles and it is now on Pages
    it have done a great and very creative work

  7. abhishek says

    Well,i still do not use timeline feature,i personally don’t like it.nice article though.:). But after reading your article,i do think it is good for business purpose

  8. says

    I am a little late for this post. I plan to look into the options of what a person can click on the feel about a product which should allow us to come up with some fun creative for some great creative ideas

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