Lake Creek Historical Society Website

Lake Creek Historical Society knew that in order to get the word out there about their facility, they needed a website. They applied for, and received, a grant from the Jackson County Cultural Coalition funded by the Oregon Cultural Trust to provide an educational website, and then they hired Paradux Media Group to design the website.

Having the ability to manage the website themselves was a top priority for the Society.  The ability to update the site themselves gave them the opportunity to use monetary resources in alternate manners. Another important element was to allow the community to collaborate on the content of the site, without giving up administrative control. A “Share Your Story” form on the front end of the site invites visitors to share their Lake Creek history and photos, and allows volunteers to review it for appropriateness before it gets published to the website. This is a great way for the Society to capture the verbal history that exists before it is lost and forgotten.

If you haven’t been up to Lake Creek, make it a point to visit one of their upcoming exhibitions — you can learn about them on the website.


  1. So good to see places like this knowing where the future is going and taking the steps to not just ask but RECEIVE a grant for building a website. More and more people are starting to go to the internet first and foremost to find information regarding what it is they’re looking for.
    That new site looks great! And with the ability to add content yourselves, you guys really made the right choice in who you choose to do your site. If it wasn’t for this post, I would have never know that Lake Creek even exists.