Layers, the more the better

Today marketing requires more layers than ever before.  Years ago the business owner could choose one or more of the three traditional media outlets and call it good.  With the continual downward spiral of traditional media, business owners must find layers to define the position their business has in the community.

Social Media is a great way to add layers, and for the most part they’re free.  Well they do cost time and commitment, and if you outsource it, it’s still much more efficient from a cost standpoint than traditional media.

You not only have Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare but with the growing local movement there are several on-line local directories that you should list yourself in, like merchant Circle or shop locally dot com that you can link all your social media accounts.

The more you search the more you find.  While the business listings don’t give you the engagement opportunity they do help in Google searches, they are free and it’s just another all important layer that you’re giving your business.

With every passing day layering yourself in social media makes you more and more relevant.  Today taking part in several social media outlets is creating a more grounded perception than say joining your local chamber once did.

Today’s economy has created a frigid retail environment, so it only makes sense in cold weather the more layers the better.  Well, that’s what Mom always said.

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