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At Paradux Media Group, we believe in sharing information freely. We spend a lot of time keeping up on the latest information in the marketing and social media industry. We make the best of it available for you here, all in one place in Resources. It is a place to keep up to date with fast moving world of social media.  Twitter for business, Facebook business page as well as what is new in social media management.

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  • Check us out on Facebook and Twitter. We use these accounts to share the latest Research and to share what is happening in our business.
  • We also offer classes on how to create and manage social media as a small business. If you’d like to learn about setting up a business Facebook page or Twitter account, or what to do with them once you’ve created them, these classes are exactly what you need. Please take a moment to let us know you’re interested, when we have enough participants, we’ll do the class.
  • We enjoy sharing our passion for using Facebook and Twitter with area groups in the form of educational presentations. If you have a community group that would like to learn about how to use Facebook and Twitter for business, please Contact Us.
  • Of course you’re always welcome to contact us for a more individualized conversation about your specific needs. We be happy to provide you a free consultation about how a strategic marketing plan could benefit your business. All you need to do is book one here.