Malot Construction & Malot Environmental Website

Like so many businesses that have been around a while, it was time for the Malot Construction and Malot Environmental websites to be updated to something much more current. A key component this time around for Tommy Malot was a site that his team to could update and put new content on.

Since most businesses are moving faster than ever before, this requirement is one we hear a lot. That’s also why we use WordPress as the content management system on all of our websites. If you can use Microsoft Word, you can update a WordPress website.

Previously, the Malot Construction site was a different site from the Malot Environmental site. With this redesign, we combined to two sites into one – redirecting the old sites to the proper pages on the new sites. As you surf the new site, you’ll notice the logo and contact information on the top changes depending on where you’re at within the site. This way, there’s only one site to maintain and add content to, improving search engine rankings and reflecting the close tie these two companies have to each other.

Head on over to the Malot Companies website and take a look around to see how two sites become one, update-able website.

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