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Optimal Aging Inc Auto Responder Campaign

Often, getting the sale involves first sharing information, getting potential customers comfortable, creating trust and establishing a relationship. When you’re in a sales role though, often your prospects will not give you the opportunity to establish that relationship, fearing that you will be “selling” them instead of really listening to their needs.

email marketing, direct mailSpending time on growing your email list is one way to begin to develop a relationship in a non-threatening, low-risk manner. Once on your email list, you can set up a series of “auto responders” that automatically email out a set period of time after subscription to your list. The ongoing note sent out by your email list manager can inform those on your list about your product, teaching them about why it’s special, and allowing them to passively learn more about you and the product.

Anne Herrick of Optimal Aging Inc, needed just such a solution. Anne is an independent representative¬†for Orenda International, and one of the nicest, most engaging people you could hope to meet. But in today’s world for a potential customer, picking up the telephone to talk to a representative is both daunting and indicative of the need for a more passive way to reach out and learn more.

email marketing, direct mailParadux Media Group was able to help setup a series of autoresponders for Anne’s email list, so now when she’s talking with someone about the products, all she needs to do is to ask permission to add them to her “not very frequent” email list. Once she gets their permission, she can add them to the list and every few weeks — automatically, they will get a quick note from Anne about a product, or the Orenda opportunity.

The best part is that once they have the opportunity to learn a little more about her products — and she becomes top of mind for them in the anti-aging supplement area, she can begin to convert those leads into real ongoing customer relationships.

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