Oregon Custom Carts Web Design

Oregon Custom Carts needed a web design to show off the fun and unusual custom golf carts that they build for clients. The website needed to rely heavily on images in order to communicate the unusual golf carts that are available. Since each cart is custom built, the web design did not need a shopping cart designed into it, but it did need to describe each different type of cart with both words and images.

We were able to create a website that does just that – and shares a little bit of the personality of the owner. Naturally, the color green played a leading role – as when people think of both Oregon and golf courses, green is one of the first descriptors that leaps to mind. We also created a gallery system in this website that allows photos to be uploaded once and used as sets of images on several different pages. This allows Oregon Custom Carts to minimize server space dedicated to images, while also managing the images that make up their gallery.

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