papa johns garlic bread sticks

Papa Johns Women’s Basketball Challenge

Being a part of programming and creating engagement are two important marketing platforms today. While so much advertising is dismissed do to being overwhelmed with ads, we now try to become part of what you’re watching or doing.

With Papa John’s Eugene/Springfield we’re always looking for those kind of opportunities, and with sports being such a huge part of our culture and the pizza eating demo to try and get all 3 well, can it be affordably done.

We were able to create a partnership and promotion with the University of Oregon Women’s Basketball team. When the Ducks score over 100 points its garlic parmesan breadsticks for everyone who is in attendance.

Papa John’s gets logo in the arena during the game, PA announcements during the game, mentions during the play by play of home and away games. We like the partnership, certainly the Women’s basketball team doesn’t have the following of the men’s team and this isn’t Duck football, there is a NASCAR support the sponsor mentality that comes with being a part of ‘non-revenue’ sports.

We’re glad to be a part of this and while they’ve come close a few times will be rooting for that first 100 point game as we know and have seen how excited the crowd gets as they get closer to that magical number.

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