SEO Classes for Richard Stevens & Associates Inc.

At Paradux Media Group, one of the services we are proud to offer are personalized SEO (Search Engine Optimization) classes.

Web Design First – SEO Classes Second

seoWebsite design is only half the equation when trying to get your site found on the internet. Kelly at Richard Stevens & Associates, Inc. just completed our SEO class series.  When we began the class we set goals and objectives for the SEO work on the website.   We picked some important key words that we wanted to make sure that rsaoregon would show up on the first page when searching in the Medford area.

By the time Kelly had completed the first three classes, Richard Stevens & Associates Inc., had passed their competition and landed on the first page of a Google Search. They only trailed the city of Medford page on one important search and came in at number one on another search.

SEO to Put You in Control

The SEO classes from Paradux Media Group are intended to give you the tools you need to control your own SEO.  Giving you what you need to make the adjustments and control your search destiny.

If you would prefer not to take the classes and have no part of controlling your SEO, and for those businesses we offer a hands free SEO package as well.

Kelly had this to say about working with Paradux Media Group to learn SEO.

“I am very satisfied with the SEO classes. Everything I learned was useful and helpful. I have already seen our website move up in the Google searches, and as I write and SEO more blogs, etc., I have a feeling we will be in the # 1 spot in no time. It was very nice having a one-on-one class over the phone. I didn’t have to drive anywhere for a seminar, and no interruptions by fellow students! Thank you, Mike, for getting me up to date with SEO. Also, thank you, Tisha, for creating our awesome website!! I have already recommended Paradux Media to several people (one just this morning!), and I look forward to another opportunity to work with you again!”

Whatever way works for you, let us help you get found on the internet by creating an affordable SEO solution for you.


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