Separation of Personal Page and Business Page Like Separation of Church and State

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A lot of us have Facebook personal pages as well as business pages.  A pet peeve of mine is people who spend most of their time on their personal page talking about their business and sharing the links from their business and then ask me to ‘Like’ their business page.  Why?  You’re filling me in with all your business info on your personal page, sharing every link from your business page so what new info am I going to get from ‘liking’ your business page.  I’m just going to get cluttered with double posts.

I understand that you have a lot more friends than you do ‘likes’ so you feel compelled to always share your business posts on your personal page, but as long as you do that you’re never going to grow your business page.  You’re only going to grow your business page if you’re providing me information that I can’t get from your personal page.

With the explosion of new business pages in Facebook we are getting more selective about who and what we ‘like.’  If you’re not selective then your Facebook wall begins to look like your home feed on twitter, and then Facebook just becomes a broadcast vessel and all about me instead of about listening and learning.

I have a personal page as well as a business ‘like’ page.  The only crossover post between the two is an occasional blog post.  Other than that the two are as different as night and day.  Two completely different pages, that has completely different information that happens during the day.

As we all become our work it may be hard to do but if you want to grow your business page and get your friends to like and pay attention offer different content.  Save the good stuff for your business page, and the boring generic day to day stuff for your personal page.  Yes it may hit less people but until you make that philosophical change it’s always going to be that way and your business page will never grow or surpass your personal page.


  1. Morgan says

    Hit the nail on the head! I have been preaching this to all my clients and so far only one didn’t listen and he’s paying for it! He shares far too much personal stuff on his business Twitter and then shares far too much business stuff on his personal FB! It’s incredibly annoying and frustrating since you can just about see the relationships crumbling.

    It is so important to separate personal and business profiles.

    Thanks for the great post!

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