Sign & Tradeshow Display Design Portfolio

Signs/Tradeshow Display Definition: /sīn/  /trād SHō disˈplā/ Large format signage, physical screens, banners, or other paraphernalia used to fill a permanent space or temporary stall or booth.

Graphic Design – Custom Banners – EPGC

Eagle Point Golf Benner

If you don't promote and shout what great employees you have and congratulate them for accomplishments who will. We think it's very important to recognize accomplishments within your business. A custom designed banner is a great way to draw attention to the accomplishments and to make your customer base aware. It can also lead to questions, which are great as then you can point out how this is a benefit to the customer.. Here is a celebrated custom designed banner: ... Read More

Graphic Design Upper Rogue Custom Posters

Upper Rogue Visitors Posters

The Upper Rogue region is tourist driven in the summer. So this summer the Eagle Point Upper Rogue Chamber decided to have some extra large posters (32 x 48) printed that could be displayed at Chamber retail partners. We wanted to take the most visited as well as hidden gems that are in the area to highlight. The posters will be displayed at visitor areas, hotels, retail establishments, wineries etc. It's also a great reminder to people who live in the area of some of the greatness that is in their backyard that they may forget to visit from ... Read More

Graphic Design – Custom Outdoor Signage – Medford

Digital sign

We purchased a digital outdoor billboard for a few of our clients. The previous downfall of outdoor was that it was stagnant, that is not the case with digital outdoor. We have the flexibility of our Digital Billboards allows you to change your message based on the day, time, weather, location, season, etc. We will change your message weekly, daily, hourly and in real time – We can use RSS feeds to be streamed to our Digital Billboards in real time. This includes countdowns, time, temperature, live scores, news feeds, trending items and ... Read More

Promotions – Events – Brenner’s Spinning Wheel


Trade show;s, events, drawing the eye of the possible consumer can be challenging. There are typically a lot of what we like to call shiny objects that can have people jumping from booth to booth. Do you have a shiny object? For this event for Brenner's Furniture that was held at the U of O we wanted to g with a spinning wheel that students could win prizes, discounts etc.It can also easily be turned into an in-store promotion as well. ... Read More

Graphic Design – Custom Clings – Take And Bake Pizza

MYCK Pizza copy

No matter how big or small your business is, consistent signage is important. The bigger the business, the more they understand it's importance. In keeping with the bright theme we created with My Circle K is signage for their 'Take n Bake' pizzas. With two different vessels that they sell the product in we created to different sizes but same theme. One that will act as a cling and the other a cardstock sign. Either way you'll recognize them when you stop in any MYCK Store.     ... Read More

Lovejoy Hospice Light up a Life Poster


Re-imagining the graphics for Lovejoy Hospice’s Light up a Life event was a fun and creative project that began with the design of the event poster. Light up a Life is an evening memorial event where people come together to celebrate loved ones and enjoy a beautiful lighting ceremony. Memorial Trees are also available where ornaments can be hung in honor of loved ones and beloved pets. Graphic Depiction: Since these celebrations take place in December near the Holidays, the client requested a festive theme. A tree made entirely of twinkly ... Read More

Custom Graphic Design – Custom Signage Cooler Clings


This month's custom designed cooler clings for My Circle K, were kept consistent with the branding of My Circle K's reward program. You'll be seeing plenty of soda specials at your My Circle K this month. While it might not be summer November is still a solid for soda sales, due to holiday gatherings. Here is a sample of this month's custom designed cooler clings. ... Read More