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Stork & Company Logo

web design, website design, social media management, social media marketing, SEO, internet marketing, medford, grants pass, Oregon, advertising agencyStork & Company is the dream of a grandmother – who loved to spoil her grandchildren with the most beautiful outfits that were “picture perfect.” Having owned and operated an online store in the past, she felt it was time to recreate an online store specializing in heirloom baby clothes – and the name… “Stork & Company.”

This store needed a logo that conveyed the sense of style, tradition, and elegance that the heirloom clothing she sells commands. At the same time, the image couldn’t be cold or off putting. Iconic but also approachable.

In collaboration with, BrandViva! Strategic Design, we created this striking logo that conveys the brand position — “Unmistakably Stork.” From the font, to the charming line drawing of the stork, this logo is an identifiable icon that will serve Stork & Company well for a long time in the future.

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