Brenner’s EDDM – Direct Mail Graphic Design

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Every Door Direct Mail is a very affordable and efficient means for a direct mail campaign. Done correctly EDDM can be one of your very best return on investments of your advertising dollars. For retailers holiday weekends are a great opportunity to have a EDDM campaign be the foundation for a great holiday sales weekend…. Read More

How To Track Direct Mail Results

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What’s a “good” direct mail response? The one that reaches your stated objectives. As Steve Cuno writes at Deliver magazine, “I have seen companies launch costly campaigns without regard for such details, only to flounder about in an attempt to measure success afterward. That’s like throwing a dart nowhere in particular and then trying to… Read More

Brenner’s Furniture Direct Mailer


The Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) is the most cost effective way to market your business or product through direct mail.  It gives the business owner the ability to target carrier routes, at a very cost effective rate. Carrier route are small enough that you can target specific household demographics to the message that will… Read More

Direct Mail Is Not Dead

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The hype surrounding online marketing and social media is hard to ignore. In the highly digitized world we live in, it is no surprise that many executives might believe that the days of direct mail success are over. Contrary to such assumptions, statistics show that direct mail is still one of the best ways to… Read More

Brenners EDDM


A very efficient and affordable way to tackle direct mail is with the USPS Every Door Direct Mail.  While it takes a little more organizing and labor on your end the savings are pretty significant. We have been providing the creative for Brenner’s EDDM campaign. With this EDDM piece we were able to feature two… Read More

Brenner's Furniture EDDM

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Some small and local business owners are finding better success with direct mail through the US Postal Services Every Door Direct Mail.  You can read a little more in depth about this program in this blog. During a recent Tempurpedic promotion we came up with this layout and targeted mid to high income zip codes… Read More

Every Door Direct Mail


Direct Mail Marketing, have you tried Every Door Direct Mail? You may have seen or heard the recent commercials from the US Postal Service regarding their new campaign Every Door Direct Mail.  Are you a small business owner or an agency for small businesses that is considering the US Postal Service’s Every Door Direct Mail?… Read More

Chat Cat Holiday Postcards

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Holiday offers – they are the staple of a successful retail store. If you have an existing customer list, it’s a great idea to consider sending them a direct mail piece to invite them back into your store. That’s exactly what Chat Cat did this month with a postcard that designed to remind prior customers… Read More

Graphic Design

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We live in a visual society, and with the heat turned during the holiday season for retail businesses they tend to want to become more visual.  Direct mail discounts is one way, having a customer appreciation day and offering special discounts to current customers is another way.         Both can be effective… Read More