10 Quotes On Branding


Let's face it -- branding is hard. And when I need a push, I turn to quotes to help me remember why branding is so important. These are quotes that inspire me. I'm sharing them with you in the hopes that one of them will ignite a spark for you and help you to stay dedicated and create your brand. "A brand is a reason to choose." - Fred Burt, Siegel+Gale "Corporate & personal branding both require storytelling to be captivating. Stories provide context, meaning & the opportunity for relationship." - Ryan Lilly "Your brand is what other ... Read More

150th Finding Brand Post and a Big Announcement!


Can you believe it? This is the 150th post of the Finding Brand blog! What a ride it's been. When I started the Finding Brand Blog, it was with the intention of demystifying marketing and branding. I think this blog has been successful in that endeavor. And throughout the years, you've shared with me what you like, and what you want to see more of. Specifically, more (lots more) of the Brand Book Tutorial. Your visits to that series have far outpaced every other post on this blog. That's why I'm so pleased to share with you that my brand new ... Read More

Whois the Owner of Your Online Presence?

Whois Lookup

One of the most valuable assets your brand has is it's online location, AKA domain name, URL, website address, or www. It's the very identity of many businesses (amazon.com) and a critical cornerstone of more traditional brick and more stores. Yet, you would be stunned about the number of businesses that are not named the legal owner of that most valuable property. Many business owners spend in ordinate amounts of time ensuring that they are the legal owner of an idea (patent), the legal owner of their logo (trademark), the legal owner of ... Read More

The Right Plan 2 Week Fat Loss Program Book


Marketing today is more complicated than ever. As a business professional, having a book is a critical step in establishing credibility for a wider market. That's why we're so excited to offer our congratulations to Kellie Hill at The Right Plan on her very first book, The Right Plan 2 Week Fat Loss Program! Kellie did all the hard work writing the book. Rather than shop for a publisher, she chose to self-publish the book and make it available via CreateSpace, Amazon, and Kindle. This is a route that is easier than ever today and one that ... Read More

CreateSpace vs. Lightning Source for Self-Publishing


If you’re self-publishing your “dead tree” book, you know how costly it can be to print copies. When you print a number of copies in advance, you run the risk of no one actually buying them. Having a lot of books on hand with no buyers will cost you money. An alternative is to print on demand (POD) or self-publishing. You only pay for the book and get it printed after someone has ordered it. POD is an excellent way to maximize your profits and avoid holding excess stock. CreateSpace and Lightning Source are two major POD companies that offer a ... Read More

Online Retailer Ups the Stakes for Local Shops (sort of)


Last week, Amazon announced that it was introducing version 1.2.1 of their Price Check mobile app. The principle is simple, find out if you're getting the best price while you're out shopping. Simply scan the bar-code for the product in question, or enter the product in the search box and it will tell you what the product cost on Amazon is. The twist is, you also share with Amazon the price you're looking at in the local store to "...ensure our [Amazon's] prices remain competitive for our customers." To encourage your participation, Amazon ... Read More