Press Release: Finding Brand: The Brand Book Tutorial Hits Amazon’s Shelves Today


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Marketing Managers, CMO’s, Business Owners now have a reliable guide to help manage and grow their brand.   Eagle Point, OR. – September 4, 2013 –   Brands are defenseless.  Companies wipe their feet on them, they throw them in the trash, and they don’t have the patience to let them grow to… Read More

The Right Plan 2 Week Fat Loss Program Book


Marketing today is more complicated than ever. As a business professional, having a book is a critical step in establishing credibility for a wider market. That’s why we’re so excited to offer our congratulations to Kellie Hill at The Right Plan on her very first book, The Right Plan 2 Week Fat Loss Program! Kellie… Read More

CreateSpace vs. Lightning Source for Self-Publishing


If you’re self-publishing your “dead tree” book, you know how costly it can be to print copies. When you print a number of copies in advance, you run the risk of no one actually buying them. Having a lot of books on hand with no buyers will cost you money. An alternative is to print… Read More