Social Media Experts Of All Kinds

photo credit: FindYourSearch I feel like a small rant…It seems that anyone with a Facebook page is a social media expert these days.  I stumbled across a company that positions themselves as “Social Media Experts.” A post they made on Facebook was talking about if you are a business, it is important to set up your Facebook page as a business page. All fine and dandy, and good advice, but this business that claims to be a social media management company is using a personal page.  How ironic!  They say the main reason to be set up on a ... Read More

The Groupon Effect

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While there is plenty of debate over Groupon, this blog is not going to be dealing with “does it train consumers to only buy things at 50% off,” but rather, to talk about one particular client that we have that    just recently did a Groupon and their results. While a lot of Groupons you see are for sexy businesses, (your favorite places to eat, drink) generate high demand.  This one was for a furniture store, a little less sexy than your favorite place to eat or drink. We first began to look at what Groupon brought to the table.  Their ... Read More

Your Brand is the Extra Mile

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You know those moments, where you intentionally choose to go the extra mile? Do something unexpected to ensure that your customer has an experience second to none? It's in those moments that your brand begins to take flight and to transform from the expected into the memorable. Rather than waiting until the "mood strikes" why not take this opportunity design those unexpected moments? Think about all the tiny niceties that your brand allows. I ran across an article recently on that talks about the work Mountain View Tire ... Read More

Optimal Aging is Creating Buzz with Facebook and Twitter

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Anne Herrick is truly one the most dynamic and amazing women in Oregon and her company, Optimal Aging, sells nutritional supplement through network marketing for Orenda International. Get to know Anne and you'll find a remarkable story of health lost and found thanks to the Orenda products. That makes sharing the great news about Orenda a gift she readily gives to everyone she meets. Anne has been sharing her passion on Facebook for a while now, but with assistance from Paradux Media Group, she's now sharing her passion on Twitter, as well. ... Read More

Why Your Business Should be on Facebook

I was chatting with someone the other day whose experience on Facebook was that of a meat-market/single's scene. She was (rightfully) mystified as to why her business (or any business for that matter) should be on Facebook. With that experience on Facebook, I can see why she was confused. The truth is, almost everyone is on Facebook these days. Today, if you're prudent, it's also not quite the meat-market it may have once been. But any way you cut it, if Facebook was a country it would the third largest in the world. Since everyone's already ... Read More

Pay it Forward Day – a Smart Idea for Your Business

Did you know today is the 2nd Annual Pay it Forward Day? This is an idea that is spreading like wildfire on Facebook lately, with more than 175,000 people around the globe planning to "attend." What is Pay it Forward Day, you ask? According to it's founder: ‘Tis the Season! A random act of kindness goes a long way so… PAY IT FORWARD!!! What can you do? ON DEC. 1st... • Pay for someone’s cup of coffee… • Buy someone some groceries… • Get the next person’s gas… • Help someone out… • Donate something… • Be creative!!! When you do ... Read More

Online Guerrilla Tactics

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I have to admit, as much as I work in social media and employ guerrilla tactics to spread messages in a community, I hadn't adequately considered ways to utilize guerrilla tactics online to drive traffic to your website and business until recently. So having given it some thought (at long last) here are my top five ways to utilize guerrilla tactics to grow your business online: Give something away. Ask for an email address, like, or follow, and in exchange, give something away - free. A whitepaper, or solution to someone's problem. You get ... Read More

Just Because it's a "Deal" You Shouldn't Always Buy

From time to time, we all get an amazing "deal" that comes across our desk from the media. And it's tempting to throw $300-$500 dollars at something that we're getting for 75% off or even 50% off. But in those moments, it's critical that you remember what your strategy is, and why you pursue it. If you've been following this blog for any length of time, you probably recall that each type of media has it's own place and reason for existence. Radio for promotions, TV for branding/image, Newspaper to reach the older demographic with coupons, ... Read More

Branding with Buzz


Branding is about being memorable and creating buzz. There are lots of ways to do it, you just have to get creative. Here are some ideas to get you started: Why not work out a deal with a local coffee stand to hand out a discount card to your customers for their product? Better yet, work with that coffee stand to buy 20 coffees for their customers on a rainy Monday morning, the only catch is that the coffee cashier tells their customer that their coffee was purchased for them today by YOUR COMPANY and hands them a business side card that has ... Read More

Unexpected Branding Opportunities

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In any business there are the expected branding opportunities, television commercials, radio, signs in the store, and even employee shirts. But there are some unexpected branding opportunities that give you an opportunity to make your brand stand out. The first thing to consider is what your brand manifesto requires. Is it fun, innovative, brash, friendly, nice, or in your face? Now look around, what's an everyday item that you can make special? For instance...almost all businesses use receipts of some sort - what does yours say about your ... Read More