Five Ways To Increase Your ‘Local’ Social Media Presence

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I had lunch last week with a new friend and it was refreshing to have a conversation with someone who has the same values towards work, and clients.  Matter of fact most of our conversation was on values and how it relates to charitable donations and purchasing patterns. Values, like recently our local Humane Society was in financial trouble, and although I have never used their services, I have donated to them and was worried about their situation.  My concern has to do with being a dog owner, and dog lover.  Our local humane society is a no ... Read More

Facebook ‘Likes’ Harder To Come By

photo credit: Facebook ‘Likes’ aren’t as easy to come by as they were two years ago.  Back when few businesses were  taking the plunge, it seemed that all you had to do was pop a Facebook page and getting hundreds of ‘Likes’ right away was a pretty easy thing for a local business.  For me a couple years ago I was less selective on what I liked.  It was more a welcome aboard, thanks for being a part of Facebook. Today I am much more selective about what pages I like.  It seems many others feel the same way.  To follow who ... Read More

Radio vs Social Media

The title is a little misleading as it’s not really pitting one up against the other as much as trying to point out more of the similarities.  A lot of small business owners invest in radio every month.  These same business owners scratch their head and wonder what or how does social media fit into their marketing plans.  So for those business owners that are familiar with marketing on radio let’s take a look at some of the similarities. Just like every form of traditional advertising is distinctively different, true can be said for social ... Read More

Tweeting with Frequency


As any good radio account executive or business owner knows, frequency is necessary with radio, and it is with Twitter as well. With radio being the active medium that it is, users are usually active at what they are doing while listening. They are getting ready in the morning, driving, playing on their computer, all things that distract them and have a bit more of their attention…. I certainly hope so with the driving part. Depending on how many people you are following on Twitter, you can easily be receiving 30 tweets per minute, so just like ... Read More

Keeping it Simple


For most small business owners dealing with the media is like dealing with an ever-changing alphabet soup. This is primarily because the language of media is cluttered with acronyms. And understanding each acronym is necessary to getting the most out of your media buy. AQH, GRP’s CPM, CPP and that was before web banners, unique users and social media… for this blog we’ll just deal with what was once referred to as traditional media. Since most store owners haven’t seen an AQH, CPP, CPM or GPR come directly into their place of business and ... Read More