Cause Marketing for Brands

photo credit joiseshowaa

How many times has a news story broken that reveals a profound injustice? Too often I'd argue.¬†If you're not an Auburn fan (or you don't know one) you may not have heard about the poisoning of the trees at Toomer's Corner by someone claiming to be an Alabama Fan. These trees were more than a century old and a cornerstone of not only the university, but also the community. It was a malicious and ultimately meaningless attack - primarily because a few enlightened souls decided to do something productive with their outrage. On February 17, Tide ... Read More

Meet Your Customers Where They Spend Their Free Time


Image the power of knowing exactly what your customers like to do in their free time. If you knew that they generally owned horses - you would have the ability think creatively about where your messages could intercept them. The regional section in the Horse Fancier's magazine? Sponsoring a show? Partnering with the local grange on an event? Sponsoring a junior jumping show? Have a Tradeshow booth at one of the local shows? All of these represent viable options and locations that you could intercept your customer if you knew they were into ... Read More

10 Ways to Build Your Brand

We've talked a lot lately about that inevitable Marketing Plan that will be "due" soon. Here's a quick recap of ways to enhance your brand as you dream of what you're going to accomplish next year. Know What it Stands For. Before you can begin to share your brand externally, you need to know what it stands for. Choose your tagline and write your brand manifesto. Tell a Story. From start to finish - your brand is only as complete as the story you tell-to tell a great one, make it interesting, give it a strong protagonist, and give it a ... Read More

Make Your Brand Memorable


What's your claim to fame? How is your brand memorable in your community? Are you the go-to business for sponsoring non-profits either monetarily or with volunteers? Do you have a big annual blow-out sale? Do you get wacky at Halloween or St. Patrick's Day? Crazy sports fan? Brand is all about personality and personalities are memorable. It doesn't really matter why your brand is memorable (well, OK, your right it has to be either positive or at least not¬†offensive). But memorability counts. I used to work for a financial company that was ... Read More