Barter The Movie Custom Designed Logo


What begins to define your brand identity? That would be your logo. Logo's are 'the face' of your business. It's the first impression many will have. With online searching and shopping many times your logo can create a professional trusting image of wanting to do business with you. When designing the Barter The Movie logo we were looking for something epic, something that could encompass many of the different product channels to be offered in conjunction with the movie. Is a custom designed logo in your company's future?   ... Read More

What is the Most Powerful Marketing Strategy? [Infographic]

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There are a lot of things that drive the top brands towards their steady flow of success. Things like the marketing strategies they choose, the type of work ethics that they employ and the public image that they give off all directly influence their gross revenue amounts. The problem with figuring out why these companies are so successful lies in deciphering which of the many methods they employ are the most beneficial. The answer to this problem may be simpler than it seems. They've taken the time and effort to carefully plan out each aspect ... Read More

Brenner’s Furniture Block

FINAL_Brenners Block_logo

Brenner's was looking for a tweak in their logo that would give them a more playful and updated look for employees shirts and hats. Brenner's Furniture was originally established in 1938, so styles have come and gone. This iteration of the logo started from a 1938 corporate seal of Brenner's Furniture.  This logo isn't to replace the logo that has been around for years, but just something that has a little more style for the 3rd generation ownership, but also ties and honors the 75 years of Brenner's Furniture. ... Read More

5 Ways to Know it’s Time to Change Your Brand Logo

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A brand logo is often one of the most overlooked and neglected element for a brand. When they exist (and let's be honest -- they often don't) they are often tired, worn, and clearly out of date. True, it's a balancing act between keeping true to your brand position and admitting that it's...old. Here are 5 questions you should consider about your brand logo. 5 Brand Logo Questions Is your brand logo embarrassing? What I mean here is, did someone fail to see what it really looks like before going live with it? For instance, did you put a ... Read More

Efficient Spaces Logo Design


You want to be the business that others remember, the one that stands out above your competitors. Your logo helps elevate you by giving you a professional look and by making you memorable to others. Your logo will help your current customers remember you later and attract future customers. When properly designed, your logo conveys that you are credible, trustworthy, and professional. Jenny Morin of Efficient Spaces wanted to take her business to the next level, and knew a new logo would help her to do just that.  We were excited to help her ... Read More

Colvin Oil Logo


Sometimes logo design is all about simplicity.  Complicated logos are counterproductive to the concept of categories that we discussed earlier. You want a single, simple visual image to which your customer can relate all other facts about your company. Complicated logos can be difficult to distinguish visually at a distance or when the logo is printed in a small size. Make sure your logo includes simple shapes so the customer can recognize it easily. With Colvin Oil, they preferred that their subsidiaries got all the attention. That's all well ... Read More

The Local Dish Logo Design


Barb at The Local Dish knew she wanted to update their logo design in conjunction with the launch of the new website. She wanted a clean, modern logo design. A logo design that featured a one color application, one font, and without an icon. Sounds easy right? Often the simpler a logo is, the more complicated it becomes. Logos are intended to be special, to be a mark that visually defines a business. So the simpler the logo, the higher the tablestakes on the inherent design of the mark. Sticking with a single color, single font logo design, we ... Read More

Lovejoy Hospice Logo Design


Lovejoy Hospice knew it was time to update their logo. Like so many businesses, their logo design was one that had been around for years. It was a logo design that had questionable beginnings, and one that was almost universally acknowledged as hurting their brand more than helping the brand. When that is the case, it is time for a new logo design. We initially determined that there was little opportunity to morph the old logo into an updated version of itself. In conjunction with the folks at Lovejoy Hospice, we decided it was time to create a ... Read More

My Circle K Logo


A logo is very important to any business or brand.  With a glance at a logo people recognize, relate, feel, purchase.  For a business it’s about creating an identity.  When Colvin Oil decided to convert their Mini-Marts to Circle K’s was it possible to maintain a local image? What was decided was to create a logo within a logo.  Keeping with the integrity and recognizable features of the Circle K logo, came the ‘My Circle K’ logo.  My Circle K is a group of Circle K’s that re owned from Grants Pass Or to Redding Ca. and back over to Bend ... Read More

Travis Sheets Collateral

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When you've got a brand new logo, you're going to want to show it off. Travis Sheets is no exception. As part of the logo design project, we also designed some less traditional collateral applications. Specifically, van graphics, t-shirt designs, and lawn signs. Not every business will need these items designed, however for a painting and home improvement company -- they're necessary. Do you have a unique application need for your business, contact us, we'd be glad to help.   ... Read More