Putting and Advertising Both Can Drive You Nuts.

There are many life comparisons that can be drawn to golf, advertising is one.  I am happy with most of my golf game; my ball striking has never been better, lessons from our pro certainly helped with that.  Last year I began to lose confidence with my putter.  It began last fall with the club championship, and then compounded itself this winter when trying to defend my match play championship I never once heard the sound of the ball landing in the cup.  Ousted in the first round, ouch! I thought the stroke would appear this spring, but NO.  ... Read More

Radio vs Social Media

The title is a little misleading as it’s not really pitting one up against the other as much as trying to point out more of the similarities.  A lot of small business owners invest in radio every month.  These same business owners scratch their head and wonder what or how does social media fit into their marketing plans.  So for those business owners that are familiar with marketing on radio let’s take a look at some of the similarities. Just like every form of traditional advertising is distinctively different, true can be said for social ... Read More

Meet Your Customers Where They Spend Their Free Time


Image the power of knowing exactly what your customers like to do in their free time. If you knew that they generally owned horses - you would have the ability think creatively about where your messages could intercept them. The regional section in the Horse Fancier's magazine? Sponsoring a show? Partnering with the local grange on an event? Sponsoring a junior jumping show? Have a Tradeshow booth at one of the local shows? All of these represent viable options and locations that you could intercept your customer if you knew they were into ... Read More

Tweeting with Frequency


As any good radio account executive or business owner knows, frequency is necessary with radio, and it is with Twitter as well. With radio being the active medium that it is, users are usually active at what they are doing while listening. They are getting ready in the morning, driving, playing on their computer, all things that distract them and have a bit more of their attention…. I certainly hope so with the driving part. Depending on how many people you are following on Twitter, you can easily be receiving 30 tweets per minute, so just like ... Read More

Using Social Media to Build Your Brand


Know your audience!  Engage your audience.  Social Media is no exception.  With little room for error in today’s economy for the small business owner it’s important to embrace the social media revolution and use it just as with traditional media, the correct way.  Just as there are keys to success in “Traditional Media”, there are those same keys to success in the “Social Media” world.  Any successful campaign in “Traditional Media” must have frequency, consistency, and an engaging message that fits the audience that you’re talking to.  Playing ... Read More