Eagle Point Golf Course Web Design


We’d like to introduce you to Eagle Point Golf Course's new website.  It was a pleasure working with Eagle Point Golf Pro Patrick Oropallo and owner/GM Sue Galpin. In creating the new design we felt the need to capture the beauty of the course through photographs.  A slide show and rotating pictures was a must to showcase as much as the courses beauty as we could. Patrick wanted to keep the content simple and most importantly something that was easy to edit, update and keep fresh. Designing the website on Word Press architecture allows ... Read More

Always Be Willing To Learn

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Life is all about learning, and if you are not learning then you are not living. Paradux Media Group has grown immensely over the past 18 months, consistently adding new features and departments so our clients can truly have an all-in-one advertising agency. With the explosion of social media and all the other marketing possibilities that now exist it has not been easy. The one aspect that we had not really sharpened our tools for and had other services handle was SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Therefore, I decided to take on the ... Read More

No Tiger Means Twitter Stream Instead of Talking Heads

photo credit: Brian J. McDermott It is the eve of the US open.  As a society we seem to have a fascination with knocking people off of their pedestal, gawking at a car accident, seeing a train wreck, which is exactly what the US Open tends to do.  Men who make the game look so easy week in and week out  will be brought to their knees this week.  With the USGA’s goal of the greens running at 14, it will be much like putting in your bathtub and trying to stop the ball short of the drain. In the past my golf game has benefitted from watching ... Read More

Putting and Advertising Both Can Drive You Nuts.

There are many life comparisons that can be drawn to golf, advertising is one.  I am happy with most of my golf game; my ball striking has never been better, lessons from our pro certainly helped with that.  Last year I began to lose confidence with my putter.  It began last fall with the club championship, and then compounded itself this winter when trying to defend my match play championship I never once heard the sound of the ball landing in the cup.  Ousted in the first round, ouch! I thought the stroke would appear this spring, but NO.  ... Read More

Oregon Custom Carts Web Design


Oregon Custom Carts needed a web design to show off the fun and unusual custom golf carts that they build for clients. The website needed to rely heavily on images in order to communicate the unusual golf carts that are available. Since each cart is custom built, the web design did not need a shopping cart designed into it, but it did need to describe each different type of cart with both words and images. We were able to create a website that does just that - and shares a little bit of the personality of the owner. Naturally, the color ... Read More

Finally A Birdie For The PGA With Social Media


For 13 years the PGA Tour was a bit like the Facebook of sports.  Not because they were innovative or cutting edge hell they wouldn’t even allow you to enter with your cell phone to one of their events, no it’s because they had Tiger Woods.  Who for the most part of 13 years was about as powerful and influential as Facebook is today. To attract new fans the PGA is now allowing you to bring in your cell phone, as long as it’s on mute or vibrate kind of a no brainer!  While the golfers and the old guard will talk about how distracting it is ... Read More

Fine Tune your Social Media Like your Golf Game


Social Media is nothing more than communication.  There will always be certain individuals who are naturally better and more talented than others at communicating.  Social media, like life offers several different forms to communicate in. It is important to play in as many different forms as you can, some will be more suited and others a little more difficult to your way of communicating.  It’s not much different than the game of golf.  Golf is made up of three distinct different elements.  There is how you perform from the tee box, your ... Read More

Eagle Point Golf Course Facebook Page Design

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There are many reasons that as a business you should be on Facebook as Eagle Point Golf Course realized. Patrick came to us as he didn’t want the generic look that you see with so many businesses, the 2x2 logo and the avatar that doesn’t center when making a post. They are after all a Robert Trent Jones Jr. Golf Course Design and the elite golf course in Southern Oregon. While it’s tough for EPGC to find time to consistently post, they are after all experts in the mechanics of the golf swing not the mechanics of marketing, they do have a ... Read More