Keywords: The Complex Building Blocks Of SEO

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The world of search engine optimization – more commonly known by the acronym SEO – is one which is deceptively complex. SEO entails peppering your articles and product descriptions with keywords, thereby making your site more palatable to Google and other search engines. Despite the seeming simplicity of this idea, there is a delicate balance which must be preserved. You have to be sure to choose keywords which are not too common, while at the same time still within the realm of what your potential customers might be searching. Why Can’t ... Read More

Best On-Page SEO Advice for Beginners

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Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of adding targeted keywords to web text to ensure it receives a high search ranking via search engines such as Google. Indeed, SEO has been around about as long as search engines have been around. Those online marketers who don’t yet have a stake in SEO are losing out on much potential revenue as well as brand visibility. But SEO is not a static thing. As technology and they way people gather information changes, so does search engine optimization. For example, the rise of social networking has ... Read More

How to Choose the Best Keywords for SEO

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Everyone is using search engines to help them locate the right information. The fact that people are using search makes it critical that you implement search engine optimization (SEO) tactics into your website. One of the easiest ways to implement SEO into your website is to use keywords throughout your website content. Keywords refer to words or phrases that are typically used when someone performs a search for your business, products or services. For example, if you were a truck driver in San Jose, “san jose truck driver” would be a ... Read More

Articulate the Brand Personality for the Brand Book

based on the work of Aaker, J. L. (1997, August). Dimensions of Brand Personality. Journal of Marketing Research, 34(3), 347-356.

Now that we've created our list of keywords and established the relationship between them, it's time for our next step in how to make a Brand Book and create our brand personality. Articulating your Brand Personality is an integral component of building a Brand Book. Brand Personality starts to breathe life into the brand, making it "real," as Tom Dorresteijn from Visual Branding suggests, "We use brand personality to bring brand strategy to life. Don’t forget, consumers demand a brand of flesh and blood. The consumer will treat your brand like ... Read More

Venn Diagram for the Brand Book

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Once you've identified your keywords for your brand and brand book, it's important to both test them, and to demonstrate their relationship with regard to your brand position. You'll recall from our last post that we settled on the following keywords: imagination, friend, joy, clean, charity, children, dream, chubby, bathtime, and squeeze. To explore the relationship of each of these keywords to each other, we will make use of a Venn Diagram. Why include a Venn Diagram in the Brand Book? A Venn Diagram is a useful way to illustrate the ... Read More

Keywords for Your Brand’s Position

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With your Brand's history complete for the brand book, it's time to start distilling the keywords for your brand. If you haven't done this exercise yet, a Word Cloud is an excellent way to tease them out. Identify Keywords for the Brand Book Copy the text you wrote for the brand book on the history of your brand and head on over to Paste the text of the history into the "Paste in a bunch of text" field and hit "Go." What you'll get is a word cloud that looks something like this: Right away we can see a couple of important ... Read More

Always Be Willing To Learn

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Life is all about learning, and if you are not learning then you are not living. Paradux Media Group has grown immensely over the past 18 months, consistently adding new features and departments so our clients can truly have an all-in-one advertising agency. With the explosion of social media and all the other marketing possibilities that now exist it has not been easy. The one aspect that we had not really sharpened our tools for and had other services handle was SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Therefore, I decided to take on the ... Read More

Practice Patience


For local business owners the three key words to opening or running a business has been location, location, location.  In today’s economic and marketing environment the new three keys to success are patience, patience, patience.  From an economic stand point we’ve been in a cycle where disposable income just doesn’t exist like it did a couple of years ago.   From a marketing stand point the ROI that you could expect from traditional isn’t producing as it once did. Fragmentation between social media and traditional media has played a part of the ... Read More