Local Newspaper vs Social Media

Well that just wouldn't be a fair fight now would it?  It would fall under the proverbial saying don’t bring a knife to a gun fight.  This is part three of a series comparing what business owners may be familiar with marketing their business in with something they may have questions or reservations about. For years local business owners have been in the local paper.  Even today with dwindling circulation and content there are still plenty of local business owners that are purchasing ads in their local newspaper. While today I find it the ... Read More

Television vs Social Media

In part one of my comparisons of traditional media marketing comparisons we looked at Radio vs Twitter. In Part two we’re going to compare Television and Youtube.  From a business owner and marketer Television is best known to make stars and images.  As a business Television is best used in your marketing plan to create your businesses image. We see it with great advertising campaigns, and sometimes not so great, where the individual in the spot can become a star in their own right.  Jared has seemed to make a living off the Subway ... Read More

Meet Your Customers Where They Spend Their Free Time


Image the power of knowing exactly what your customers like to do in their free time. If you knew that they generally owned horses - you would have the ability think creatively about where your messages could intercept them. The regional section in the Horse Fancier's magazine? Sponsoring a show? Partnering with the local grange on an event? Sponsoring a junior jumping show? Have a Tradeshow booth at one of the local shows? All of these represent viable options and locations that you could intercept your customer if you knew they were into ... Read More

Why Twitter? Maybe for the News

While everyone talks and talks about how you should use social media, and if you follow their 10 steps you’re sure to succeed if you pay attention the one category that is using twitter the right way is our local journalists. That alone is why you the local small business owner should be involved in twitter. No matter the size you’re not going to find a market that is not represented by its local print and TV reporters, and they follow their community businesses. Three times last month we had a reporter @ a client of ours for a story. They ... Read More

Online Advertising in the Age of Adwords

credit Stephan Mosel

With the advent of our new economy, we're seeing a pretty significant move from traditional media dollars to online media. The reasons are several-fold. Traditional advertising takes a big bite out of a limited marketing budget. Online advertising is quite cheap in comparison with traditional media. Marketing budgets are getting smaller - not larger. Online advertising allows you to track your results and monitor impressions vs clicks. There are many venues for online advertising, each with a slightly different approach. Surely one will fit ... Read More

Using and Buying Media Wisely


This seems like a good time, before we get fully into planning season, to talk about the best uses of media. I touched on this briefly in my recent post the Intersection of Planning and Improvisation. But this is really a topic that deserves a full post before annual plans are laid for 2011. The first thing you have to remember as you're considering is that you - yourself - are a microcosm of the way the world at large interacts with media. You're certainly not the perfect prototype, but don't discount your experience and the way you interact ... Read More

Keeping it Simple


For most small business owners dealing with the media is like dealing with an ever-changing alphabet soup. This is primarily because the language of media is cluttered with acronyms. And understanding each acronym is necessary to getting the most out of your media buy. AQH, GRP’s CPM, CPP and that was before web banners, unique users and social media… for this blog we’ll just deal with what was once referred to as traditional media. Since most store owners haven’t seen an AQH, CPP, CPM or GPR come directly into their place of business and ... Read More