Function and Impact of Political Advertising Agencies on Political Campaigns

Function and impact of political advertising agencies on political campaigns

Advertising agencies have grown and diversified over the years as more industries appreciate the value that advertising adds to their brands. Today, there are advertising agencies dealing with products, online marketing, persons who draw huge public interest like actors and artists among others. Political advertising agencies help candidates gain popularity and win elections. Like any… Read More

White City Incorporation Measure – Signs


With any political campaign comes signage.  In working with the PAC to Incorporate White City our signage campaign was to go BIG. Highway 62 is a major hwy running through White City, so our strategy was to go BIG with signs and go for impressions. Signs are a very costly endeavor for any political campaign… Read More

Dave Hoppe for District Attorney Television Commercial – My Priorities


Television advertisements are the backbone for many political campaigns, and can also be a very integral part of a brand campaign. Deputy District Attorney Dave Hoppe is running for DA in Jackson County.  Dave has the experience and the qualifications inside and outside the courtroom that make him a very strong candidate, and in our… Read More

Dave Hoppe For District Attorney Facebook


Running for political office isn’t what it used to be, even for local and county offices.  Marketing for elections has change dramatically over the past couple of years.  It’s more than bumper stickers, yard signs and some radio and television commercials.  It’s social media. The race for Jackson County District Attorney is going to be… Read More

Dave Hoppe for District Attorney Website


In today’s world, a website should be the hub of all advertising and social media activities for businesses, public figures, and politicians alike. That’s why the website for the Dave Hoppe For DA Campaign in Jackson County was on the agenda to go live the same day that Dave announced. Dave’s website design needed to be… Read More

Political Campaign Marketing And Advertising

Political marketing advertising agency medford oregon jackson county

Political Marketing is not that much different than image marketing, after all once you throw your hat in the ring, and the die has been cast you have essentially become a product.  The upcoming year in Medford and Jackson County will have some heated races and won’t be immune to the mudslinging that is taking… Read More