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Photo credit  Patrishe

Extreme Makeover Extremely Social

Photo credit Patrishe
The 200th episode of Extreme Makeover Home Edition is taking place where I call home, ‘The Rogue Valley.’ It didn’t take long for word to spread, and for a social media storm to hit.  A lot of businesses are jumping to the aid of the at this time, unknown winning family.  It is, … Read More.

How the Marketing Landscape has Changed for 2011

The marketing landscape is changing quite rapidly these days, if you’re still advertising the way you were in 2009, you’re missing some valuable opportunities today and more importantly, you’ll miss significant opportunities as we move into 2011. Email, Social Media to See More Marketing Dollars in 2011
Trends of 2010 out there in blog-land this week, … Read More.

Blue Sky Marketing (NOT!)

photo credit: chefranden
Remember when our marketing lives were easy? Unlimited budgets, no concerns about the economy, fabulous television ads… those days have been gone now for awhile, and I think that as marketers, we’ve gotten better, smarter, and more responsive. We’ve had to think carefully about every dollar we spend, we’ve had to project … Read More.


Tiny Moments

In the midst of running a business, it’s admittedly difficult to maintain the focus on what your brand stands for. After all, you’ve got customer’s needs to meet, deadlines to manage, and in some cases, employee’s to direct. That’s why it’s critical that you take the time to make sure that everything you’re doing is … Read More.


Tweeting with Frequency

As any good radio account executive or business owner knows, frequency is necessary with radio, and it is with Twitter as well. With radio being the active medium that it is, users are usually active at what they are doing while listening. They are getting ready in the morning, driving, playing on their computer, all … Read More.