Finally A Birdie For The PGA With Social Media


For 13 years the PGA Tour was a bit like the Facebook of sports.  Not because they were innovative or cutting edge hell they wouldn’t even allow you to enter with your cell phone to one of their events, no it’s because they had Tiger Woods.  Who for the most part of 13 years was about as powerful and influential as Facebook is today. To attract new fans the PGA is now allowing you to bring in your cell phone, as long as it’s on mute or vibrate kind of a no brainer!  While the golfers and the old guard will talk about how distracting it is ... Read More

Sorry Old Friends I’ve become a Facebook Snob

What’s happened to our friends who aren’t on Facebook?  I often wonder, and it seems as though I’ve just lost track of them.  It used to be that we would keep in contact with our rolodex of friends through our rolodex.  Call, catch up, sometimes the calls would be too frequent and others not frequent enough.  You’d catch up on what was going on in each other’s lives.  Some calls would be short and sweet others would last too long. Today we only have to scan our Facebook wall to see what our friends are up to, share the joy and sorrow that they ... Read More

Using Social Media to Build Your Brand


Know your audience!  Engage your audience.  Social Media is no exception.  With little room for error in today’s economy for the small business owner it’s important to embrace the social media revolution and use it just as with traditional media, the correct way.  Just as there are keys to success in “Traditional Media”, there are those same keys to success in the “Social Media” world.  Any successful campaign in “Traditional Media” must have frequency, consistency, and an engaging message that fits the audience that you’re talking to.  Playing ... Read More