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based on the work of Aaker, J. L. (1997, August). Dimensions of Brand Personality. Journal of Marketing Research, 34(3), 347-356.

Articulate the Brand Personality for the Brand Book

Now that we’ve created our list of keywords and established the relationship between them, it’s time for our next step in how to make a Brand Book and create our brand personality. Articulating your Brand Personality is an integral component of building a Brand Book. Brand Personality starts to breathe life into the brand, making … Read More.

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Venn Diagram for the Brand Book

Once you’ve identified your keywords for your brand and brand book, it’s important to both test them, and to demonstrate their relationship with regard to your brand position. You’ll recall from our last post that we settled on the following keywords: imagination, friend, joy, clean, charity, children, dream, chubby, bathtime, and squeeze. To explore the relationship … Read More.

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What Does Google+ Mean To The Local Business Owner

So you are a business owner, maybe a small brick and mortar store.  Over the past year or so, you developed a business page on Facebook.  You’ve invested  time in posting and replying to posts, worked hard to built ‘Likes’ and done what’s necessary to develop a relationship and engage with your community on your … Read More.

Putting and Advertising Both Can Drive You Nuts.

There are many life comparisons that can be drawn to golf, advertising is one.  I am happy with most of my golf game; my ball striking has never been better, lessons from our pro certainly helped with that.  Last year I began to lose confidence with my putter.  It began last fall with the club … Read More.

Not on Facebook? 5 Reasons You Need to Be!

I’ve spent a lot of time talking with business owners this week about why their business and brand should participate on Facebook. Everyday more businesses are creating their Facebook page and jumping into social media. But for those of you still debating whether or not to jump into the fray let me give you a … Read More.

Can We Teach an Old Media New Tricks?

photo credit: thedoctorpod
It seems that traditional media has learned a little over the past 15 years with the announcement that The Washington Post Company has officially launched its full-service Facebook marketing and advertising agency SocialCode.
The agency will offer Page management, app development, social commerce, fan monetization, message testing, and advertising through Facebook’s Ads, but … Read More.

Managing a Personal and Professional Profile in Facebook

The worlds of our personal and professional lives are set on a collision course more strongly now than ever before, with the update to Facebook’s profile last night. Up front and center when you go to someone’s page is a short bio announcing to the world where you work, where you studied, where you live, … Read More.

5 Reasons Great Brands Aren’t Selfish

photo credit: travelmeasia
As you consider creating a strong and powerful brand, a significant philosophy to consider is creating an un-selfish brand. This was important before the advent of social media, but now that many brands find themselves online in social media (Facebook and Twitter) the stakes are much higher. Here are some principles to consider:

People … Read More.

Who are Your Target Market’s Influencers?

photo credit: joelogon
Quick – who is your target market? Can you clearly and specifically tell someone, not in your industry, who your target market is? Good!
Now, who are the people who influence your target market? Influencers are the ones who help shape opinion and who make recommendations on products and ideas to your target market. … Read More.