Practice Patience


For local business owners the three key words to opening or running a business has been location, location, location.  In today’s economic and marketing environment the new three keys to success are patience, patience, patience.  From an economic stand point we’ve been in a cycle where disposable income just doesn’t exist like it did a couple of years ago.   From a marketing stand point the ROI that you could expect from traditional isn’t producing as it once did. Fragmentation between social media and traditional media has played a part of the ... Read More

5 Reasons a Local Business Owner Should be Involved in Social Media


There are many reasons that every local business should be involved in social media.  I’ve found that if it takes more than 5 reasons then they are basically afraid of what they don’t understand, or are fearful of change.  To go beyond 5 you are just reaffirming to someone who believes in what you are talking about, and being that most of you already believe being that you’re on a social network why waste the time going beyond the 5.  Because you understand, you can come up with a lot more by the time you’re finished reading this! It’s ... Read More

Tiny Moments


In the midst of running a business, it's admittedly difficult to maintain the focus on what your brand stands for. After all, you've got customer's needs to meet, deadlines to manage, and in some cases, employee's to direct. That's why it's critical that you take the time to make sure that everything you're doing is extended the story of your brand. Take just a moment right now, to consider what you're doing. (OK, not RIGHT now, you're reading this blog - but what's next on your list?) It's probably not earth-shattering, it could be returning a ... Read More