Celebrity Product Endorsements: Why They Succeed When Others Fall Flat

Alicia Keys image by VersusLiveQuizShow via Flickr.

LeBron for Nike, Hayden Panettiere for Neutrogena, and Jennifer Hudson for Weight Watchers are all obvious celebrity endorsement choices, but some come as a bit more of a surprise. It might be the last person you would have guessed to endorse the product, and sometimes the incongruity fails miserably. But what about those few times where an unexpected celebrity endorsement actually works? They're risky, and sometimes it takes a while to nail down the appeal, but here are a few campaign success stories to take note of. Alicia Keys and ... Read More

Dave Hoppe for DA – Kristin Prince Testimonial Radio Commercial


Being a Prosecutor isn't an easy job. But when you're a victim, having a hero makes it getting through the tough stuff easier. Kristin Prince was just such a victim and she found her "hero" in Dave Hoppe. Her story is moving and her conviction compelling. Who better to share why Dave Hoppe should be the next District Attorney for Jackson County? If you're ready to see what a District Attorney with courtroom experience can do for Jackson County, vote Dave Hoppe for District Attorney. ... Read More

NewAge Natural & Organic Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Website


NewAge Natural & Organic Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning needed a new website, and what the owner wanted was quite similar to what many owner/operators want -- a web design that allows them to make timely updates. It was also important that this web design reflect the integrated nature of our world and nontoxic carpet and upholstery cleaning. We settled on a front page that mimics some of the branded collateral that is already being used by NewAge and relied heavily on the branded color to make a bold statement. The colors are not ... Read More