Evergreen Nutrition Website and Social Media


Paradux Media Group was very happy to have the opportunity to work with Evergreen Nutrition.  Terri and Craig Williams are wonderful people who run a great business that is filled with customer service and knowledge.  While their store and their staff puts information and customer first, they felt that their website was a little lacking. In… Read More

Fragmentation, It Always Seems To Happen


How much has social media fragment the audience, and at what cost?  Traditional media tries to entertain an audience and keep it, so they can then sell advertising within that form of entertainment.  While the programming and editorial content has become corporate blah for the most part audiences have rushed over to other venues as… Read More

Social Media why we made the choice to do what we did. By a small ad agency


We do believe that Social Media has radically altered advertising. We believe that social media can actually level the playing field between Madison Avenue and local business owners. It’s not a fad, the landscape of social media has changed dramatically over the past 3 years, and what we see today will dramatically change 3 years… Read More

Why the answer should be “Yes” to an Advertising Agency


In a lot of cases you could be dealing with several vendors with all the POS, printing needs and all the different avenues that you advertise in or want to advertise in. All of these vendors have their own objective and their own ideas, and while some may be good ideas they may not be what you’re all about, and the y certainly aren’t consistent.

Tweeting with Frequency


As any good radio account executive or business owner knows, frequency is necessary with radio, and it is with Twitter as well. With radio being the active medium that it is, users are usually active at what they are doing while listening. They are getting ready in the morning, driving, playing on their computer, all… Read More