Bag&Baggage Productions Custom Website Design


Bag&Baggage Productions had an older Joomla website that was no longer serving their needs, and it looked a little drab. As a theatre production company, they needed a website that gave them a platform to display their stunning photography, fun spirit and intriguing twists on familiar plays. They knew exactly the style of website they wanted, and were able to give very specific examples of what they wanted -- and didn't want. They had amazing photography and both attention to detail and a willingness to go the extra few steps to make the ... Read More

Holly’s Hallmark Website Design


For a business owner in Medford Oregon, nothing is more critical to the success of your business than having control of your website. Having your website designed in WordPress architecture can allow you to make changes in a matter of minutes. If you can use microsoft word, you can make the small necessary changes that will keep your website up to date, fresh and relevant. This website design for Holly's Hallmark is a perfect example of a business owner wanting to be able to make small change to his website and getting it. If you would like ... Read More

Eagle Point Women’s Club Website Design


The Eagle Point Women's Club wanted to update their website. We took the opportunity to make it more interactive, more self-service and a place where both public and private club information could be located. What we created was a custom WordPress website that permits (and encourages) participation from their membership. We started with a design that was both feminine and strong. Leaning heavily upon the region's mountain formations and, of course, a soaring eagle. This site boasts: Automatic front page publication of the member's ... Read More

Gold Crown Jewelry Website Design


These days, websites come in all shapes and forms. Some provide information, and some sell you things. Gold Crown Jewelry is an online resource for bulk gems, and vintage jewelry. In short, if you love jewelry, you should checkout Gold Crown Jewelry. They've been an online store for years -- and their cart was feeling it's age. In fact, the site had been on it's very own server for sometime, because it couldn't make the upgrade to new versions of software. And when you're site's the last one on on the server, you can bet when that server's ... Read More

Lake Creek Historical Society Website


Lake Creek Historical Society knew that in order to get the word out there about their facility, they needed a website. They applied for, and received, a grant from the Jackson County Cultural Coalition funded by the Oregon Cultural Trust to provide an educational website, and then they hired Paradux Media Group to design the website. Having the ability to manage the website themselves was a top priority for the Society.  The ability to update the site themselves gave them the opportunity to use monetary resources in alternate manners. ... Read More

Mark Heminger Website


We see all kinds of websites, some are complex, some are deep, and some are the opposite. That was the case for the Mark Heminger website - Mark wanted a minimalist approach to represent him stylistically -- but it also needed to share his sense of humor, and make his work the star of the site. This was a fun project because Mark knew exactly what he wanted the site to look like. Mark had seen a html site template that had a lot of the elements he wanted on it, but Mark wanted a Wordpress website. So, our challenge was to replicate some of ... Read More

Premier Detail 'n Polish Website


Premier Detail 'n Polish needed  website that would facilitate the online of the Klasse product, which they are an exclusive distributor of. John also wanted to be able to show off his considerable portfolio of work. Paradux Media Group was excited to collaborate on this project with Premier Detail 'n Polish. We designed a website that is both an online store front and a place to display his portfolio of work. If you're into cars, you won't believe some of the beautiful -- and collectible -- ones that John has had the opportunity to work ... Read More

Dave Hoppe for District Attorney Website


In today's world, a website should be the hub of all advertising and social media activities for businesses, public figures, and politicians alike. That's why the website for the Dave Hoppe For DA Campaign in Jackson County was on the agenda to go live the same day that Dave announced. Dave's website design needed to be a place that that individuals, the Medford press, and businesses could go to learn a little bit about him and his background. A place that individuals could publicly show their support of Dave, and to collect published news ... Read More

The Real Purpose for Press Releases

press release, press management, earned media

OK, I'm going to let you in on a little secret... Press Releases aren't just for inviting the press to press conferences anymore. In today's online and mile-a-minute world, press releases often substitute for journalist research and article crafting. It is not at all uncommon for a press release to form the basis of the article picked up in media. In some cases, it might actually be the article that the media picks up. What does this mean for how you craft a press release? Start with a short catchy title. Follow it up with a ... Read More

Humphrey & Pace Benefit Planning Website


It's unfortunately, a story we hear altogether too often, a business has a website that they can no longer make updates to, It's difficult and expensive to make changes with their web designer, and after five (or more years) the website feels a little tired. Humphrey & Pace Benefit Planning was struggling with some of these issues when Paradux Media Group connected with them. We were able to help take their existing website, freshen it, tune up the colors, and teach them how to update the content on Wordpress Architecture. They are now ... Read More